Gift Guide Teenagers Part 2

Teen Gift Guide Part 2

Teen Gift Guide Part 2

One of the most  popular requests I receive is for the  Teenage Gift Guide for Girls.  When I was that age, the three things on everyone of my friends’ list was clothes, money and jewelry. My list hasn’t changed in 30+ years. But now the teen years are hard, too old for dolls and let’s face it a lot of the clothes marketed towards teenage girls well… So I’m back at it this week with another gift guide. Check here and here for last week’s Gift Guides for Boys and Girls

Jewelry: I’ve tried to give ideas under each one of the categories that I always asked for. Jewelry can be hard. I want to give a piece of jewelry with some meaning but also at a good price point. I love this sideways cross. It is dainty enough she can wear every day and will definitely have special significance.

Camera lens for Iphones. This is a great stocking stuffer. For $8.00 you get three views, fish eye, wide look and micro view. All your teenager does is simply hook it to her iPhone and different pictures can be taken than what she normally does.

BB Dakota Draped Front Jacket. This is a great jacket. It is light enough so if it isn’t too hot it can be worn under a tee or tank or if it is cold you can still throw on your heavy coat without feeling too bulky. At $105.00 this jacket will take your teenager from now to spring.

BB Dakota Sweater Vest with Faux Fur. I’m sticking with BB Dakota for the teenagers. I love this line of jackets for this age group. Not too expensive but hip enough that they will look cool. This sweater vest can be worn a multitude of ways. Pair it with your teen’s favorite jeans or let her wear it over her favorite Christmas dress to change it up. Again at $105.00 you will definitely get your money’s worth.

Teen Vogue Subscription. My daughter reminded me this was one of her favorite gifts of all time. Each month she loves receiving mail just for her. Buy one off the stands and roll up with a note from Momma that this gift will come each month. She will be thrilled. For $10.00 for a two year subscription you have a gift ready for next year too.

Shower Radio. Honestly each Gift Guide I have a favorite item. This one is it. The Mini Water Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Radio Shower Speaker. How long does your teenager spend in the bath room? Seriously sometimes I wonder if she is trying to find the cure for cancer but if you want to be on the top of her list this is the gift. It can either pair with your daughter’s phone to play the music she has downloaded or or it can act as a FM radio. The good news…Battery life of 8 hours so you know at some point she will come out. On sale for $29.00 you can find it here. While we are on the subject, the fog-less mirror for the shower. I’m always trying to encourage multi tasking. I find it cuts down on my yelling “we have to go…NOW!”. Here is one idea, wash your face in the shower. For $10.00 it may just save your sanity.



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