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Game Night

Game Night

About this time, you’ve probably eaten too much turkey and dressing and decided to see what the Stylebriefs girls have up their sleeve. Well it’s another Gift Guide. This one is for the family. You’ve made it through Thanksgiving but we need to get your prepared for Christmas and New Years when there seems to be a lot more togetherness. I promise the ideas, I’ve posted will have the family in stitches.

Game of Phones: Everyone has their cell phones out anyway, we might as well make a game of it. Each player, with cell phone in hand. One person draws a card and the players use their phone the fastest to create an emoji, find a photo you’ve taken or use Google images to find the image closet to the card. The game master decides who wins the round and the one with the most points wins.

Split Decision Game: The game of improbable pairings. Each card has three statements and two choices on it. Each person has an A and B card and you pick which pairing is correct. If you are right, you get to fill a letter on your score sheet which spells,   “I made the ultimate Split Decision.” The first player who fills out that entire sentence, which takes 29 right answers, wins. No real strategy just good time fun.

The Awkward Family Photo Movie Caption Game: How often have we seen those awkward family photos and just cringed. This game takes it to a new level. The goal is to pair one of the 160 awkward family photos with a movie line. Best pairing wins. The photos will get you laughing but seeing how everyone pairs it with which movie line, you’ll be rolling on the ground.

Bellz!: We played this over Thanksgiving and from my nieces to my parents, everyone had a good time with this one. Each person picks a color and the object is to grab with the magnetic wand your color ball without grabbing another color.

WhatchamaDRAWit : I love Pictionary. This game is slightly different. Each card has pairing such as “draw a cat canoeing on top of a mountain”. Whoever comes the closet wins the round.

Family Charades in a Box: This is actually six games in one. With Picture, Family, Hollywood, Kids, Animal Party and Time Capsule charades all in one box. For example, picture game is for those children who are too young to read or may be you want to play the animal party game with the kids seven and up etc…

Never Have I Ever, the Game of Poor Decisions: Ok this is NOT a family game but let’s admit it, after the holidays you will need a little less family time and a little more friend time. If you don’t get too offended by Cards Against Humanity, then Never Have I Ever is the game for you and your friends. Relive those funny and sometimes painful memories growing up and get points for them. The only thing that you have to bring to the table is no judgment.



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