Gift Guide: The Family Pet



Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I’ve been a little preoccupied with the humans in my life and what to buy them for Christmas when the one that loves me no matter what has not been getting as much attention as she deserves. So this one is for you Daisy and all my other furry friends that don’t ask much except a belly rub and an occasional treat.

  1. The Sweater. How cute is this sweater from Banana Republic? I love this one as well. (especially when Daisy is not on her best behavior)I get bundled up when I take Daisy for a walk in the mornings, shouldn’t she. She’ll be styling as well.
  2. Harry Barker Dog Treats. I honestly can’t remember how I learned about these dog treats but Daisy’s good behavior has been rewarded for these treats for a while now. She loves the grilled cheese flavor and I love this cute container that I can leave out on the counter. Your dog will love you for this one!
  3. Safety Dog Leash. This is a must buy! Seriously, with it getting dark so early whenever I take Daisy out at night I want drivers to see me and her. This leash is the trick. You will be seen from far away and I really can’t emphasize enough that ever dog needs this gift.
  4. Monogrammed Dog Collar. I had the hardest time keeping Daisy’s tags on which has my contact information and while she is chipped, I always worried what would happen if she got out of our back yard, would they know how to contact me if she was found? This collar was the answer. I have put my name and my cell phone number on it so if something happens to her tag, I have a back up plan. This collar comes in lots of colors so I can color coordinate with her fur and/or sweater. Ha!
  5. Dog Bed and Mattress. Is your dog like mine and after a while no matter how many times you wash her bedding there is still a slight odor? Well it may be time for new bedding. Daisy has this dog bed and I love it as I can take the cover off and throw it in the wash. I also use this “mattress” for her crate. She can’t get enough of it and I like knowing she is comfy in her home. I love this dog bed because it comes in nine colors and two different sizes. I promise your dog will be in “hog heaven”.

So here is to the Daisy in your life and the hope that her Christmas is just as merry as our humans.



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