Christmas Party Punch

Whenever I’ve hosted a Christmas party I like to keep it simple when it comes to the choice of beverages. I usually will do beer and wine. But I also like to do a festive Christmas cocktail, and I lean towards a punch because I don’t want to be at the bar mixing individual drinks.  This Sparkling Rum punch is great. My friend Tracy found it in Southern Living and I’ve been using it every since. The main thing is that there are four ingredients and y’all you do is pour. You can find the recipe here. A couple of tips. Go ahead and buy two punch dispensers. This punch will go fast and then you don’t have to worry about scrambling making another batch while you have a line  waiting for more. (I promise it is that good). The other tip, depending on how many people you want to invite is to go ahead and make a third batch in a pitcher that you just have to pour into the dispenser.

Tracy also taught me this little trick. I use a punch dispenser like this one. I pour the punch in the dispenser and on the bottom I place some holly and battery operated Christmas lights for a festive touch. Tracy has made me a regular Martha Stewart. Here’s another Martha Stewart like tip. Throw a few frozen cranberries into each cup so whenever anyone pours the punch all they’ll do is ask “how in the world does she do it”. Don’t worry, it will be our little secret.

Merry Christmas


PS. If you don’t subscribe to Southern Living, I strongly recommend it. It would be a great stocking stuffer. I’ve been reading it for almost twenty years and I still have recipes that I use today that I tore out of the magazine a long time ago.

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