Stocking Stuffers:Teenage Girl

Stocking Stuffer:Teenage Girl

Stocking Stuffer:Teenage Girl

Caroline said it best yesterday, the pressure is on. I’ve finished the main part of my Christmas shopping now it is just running around picking up last minute items for the stockings. When I’m filling my stockings for my family, I like to have a mixture between necessities and fun items. I remember my freshmen year in college, living in the dorm, and my mom gave me a roll of quarters for the washing machine. I thought that was the best gift, but she was also considerate and put one of my favorite lipsticks in there as well. Like Caroline did yesterday, I’ve linked you to Amazon Prime items so your teenager’s stocking can be filled in plenty of time for Christmas.

So the Teenage Girl, we’ve talked about Gift Guides here and here but let’s talk about what to fill their stockings with.

SkinCeuticals Clarifying Cleanser: My dermatologist has had my daughter and I using this product for years. It is a good reminder for your daughter to keep washing her face. Not to mention that this product gets rave reviews from all the magazines.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Key Chain: At $2.00 this is just a little happy with a purpose so your daughter can’t say that she can’t find her keys. This pink color takes away that argument

Portable Cell Phone Charger: Is your daughter like mine and carries a long cord in her purse just in case her phone dies? This is the perfect stocking stuffer in that case. Again, I love the bright colors because we seem not to lose those as easily. Gets rid of the cord and makes room in her purse for more important items.

Burt Bees Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm: Man this time of year, her lips get really chapped. Burt Bees is the ticket for us. I love the ultra conditioning formula.

Gloves that you can still Text: We have this argument every winter. Mom: Please put on your gloves. Daughter: Mommmm if I wear gloves then I won’t be able to text my friends. Mom: PUT ON YOUR GLOVES! So hopefully this will take care of this scenario. The thumb, index and middle finger are made of some type of heat conductive material so your teenager can type away.

OPI Nail Polish in “Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around”: I saw the name of this color and thought it would be the perfect color for the teenager in your life.

Finally a few more ideas that you can pick up at your local drugstore, travel size toiletries, iTunes gift card, and candy. Relax, it will all get done.



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