Stocking Stuffers: Teenage Boy

Stocking Stuffer: Teenage Boy

Stocking Stuffer: Teenage Boy

This was a little more tricky than I thought. Boys are tough and trying to find items that are small enough to fit in a stocking is an extra challenge. Again a mixture of necessities and fun. But here goes…

Oral B Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush. What teenage boy doesn’t need an extra brush. We all know that boys spend about a millisecond on brushing their teeth so let’s make it count.

Led Flashlight/Key Chain/ Bottle Opener. How great is the multi functional gift. It has everything for the teenage boy to feel like MacGyver; a flashlight, a key chain and a bottle opener. They will think you are the coolest ever. I chose a college theme but lots of options for you to choose.

39 Piece Tool Kit. I know I had to do a double take too. How do they get 39 pieces into a tool kit. Someone did a really good job of packaging but what teenager doesn’t like to pretend they are a mechanic? You’ll get points for this purchase.

Nerf Striker. The Nerf Striker has a “laser” beam that helps with your precision up to 15 feet away. Go ahead and buy two; you’ll want to defend yourself.

Zippo Hand Warmer. Ok Admit it. There is no way you are going to allow your teenager to fire off the Nerf Striker inside the house. But when you send them outside you are going to want them to keep warm. Here is a great idea. The hand warmer packs a powerful punch and you won’t feel guilty sending them out of the house when it is freezing.

A couple more thoughts to pick up; movie tickets, gas card, a deck of cards. Well maybe this wasn’t as hard as I thought.

Merry Merry


PS I’ve linked you to Amazon Prime so you can make sure all these items come in before Christmas.


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