Top Fashion Moments of 2015


When I look back on it, 2015 seems like a watershed year in fashion, though I am not sure I appreciated the magnitude as it was unfolding.  By year-end, we saw our outlook on shoes, jeans, sunglasses, and decade-focus had shifted.  Pretty seismic changes on the Richter scale of fashion.   And I wonder what that reflects in our culture, generally.  Or is it just that, in the digital age, fashion flies as swiftly as the zeros and ones that carry it into and out of the smartphones we hold?  We shall see. . .

In any event, I have enjoyed a look back with an eye toward what really moved the needle of fashion.  But tell me, what did I miss???



Year in Review: Top Fashion Moments of 2015

  1.  Chloé’s Fall 2015 Collection, which hit the scene in early February, launched the year back in time, squarely in the direction of the 1970s and made us all yearn for laid-back, bohemian chic. . .



2.  By the time its new creative director Alessandra Michele’s Resort Collection, his second women’s wear collection for the brand, hit the runway in June, Gucci was crowned fashion leader of 2015, sending us all into the stratosphere searching for thrift-store chic from the late ’60s and early ’70s.  Michele made us all wild about the pleated midi (can you even???), the tassel-loafer, and the double-G belt.  Check all the other designers’ Spring collections that followed in September and you will see them clamoring to grasp the fringes of Gucci’s colorful, eccentric, and unabashedly retro style. . .


3.  We all took note of this ad, right?  Because fashion has become so youth-obsessed.  And this, it’s antithesis.  Although a major gamble by industry standards, this ad demonstrates that Céline creative director Phoebe Philo knows her demographic well.  While the women that populate the ad campaigns may be in their teens and twenties, the average purchaser of the high-end brand is much more mature and perhaps appreciates a fearless push in the opposite direction. . .


4.  When bag-maker Mansur Gavriel hit the scene in late 2014, demand so far exceeded supply that each re-stocking caused the brand’s site, and that of those carrying the bags, to crash immediately.  By 2015, the brand expanded the line to include a broader range of colors and styles but kept stock low each time — riding the supply-and-demand bus all the way through to year-end.  What keeps us all coming back for more?  And, what’s more, why is this an important fashion moment???  The price-point.  Until now, “it-bag” was synonymous with “extraordinarily unaffordable.”  The majority of the Mansur Gavriel line hits below the $500 threshold and offers gorgeous colors, sumptuous leathers, and clean, sophisticated styling . . . at a price the masses can afford.


5.  Chanel slingbacks.  When Karl Lagerfeld used this shoe to platform each of the looks of his Fall 2015 collection in February, he likely had no idea the crazy obsession it would stir among the fashion set.  Try googling “chanel slingback” and a million street style pics will pop up from among the world’s most chic and stylish fashionistas and fashion-bloggers.  Itself a throwback, and grooving the practical aesthetic that has become chic, this shoe joins the other most popular shoes of the year that take a break from the painful pitch of the stiletto.



6.  I have been heralding the dawn of the higher-waist and looser jean since my first post for this blog back in February 2014, but it was not until this spring when fashion-darling Alexa Chung paired up with AG that we were all actually catapulted  ankle-first into this new direction for denim (and completely out of the world of the low-waisted skinny jean).  The high-waisted crop flair is the only jean, besides a destroyed pair of straight-but-narrow-leg Levis, that a girl needs this year.  From Spring to Fall, from boot to loafer, this jean goes with it all.



7.  Perhaps it is the crazy popularity of Leandra Medine’s blog or maybe it’s her beautiful shoulders.  But when she decided to promote Rosie Assoulin’s fashion departure into off-the-shoulder-volume-for-every-day, we all fell under the trend’s spell. The proud owner of not one but two off-the-shoulder high-volume tops myself, this trend completely swept me off my feet.  Expect to see this trend in high-circulation in the coming year — it’s a look that is excessively forgiving and flattering — we can all wear it and look chic and slim.


8.  A year ago, you would have called “B-S”  on anyone who suggested you would ever wear ridiculously over-sized sunnies like the ones Chloé and Céline included in their 2015 accessories collections.  But ten dollars says you, too, have leaned in on this trend and have a pair of glasses larger than any you have owned in the past ten years.  Because we are all kind of done with tiny spectacles, right?  We are all being bold and daring in the eye-glass department, even the guys.


9.  Stan Smith Adidas.  Ubiquitous with the fashion set.  Because we all needed something to wear when we have to be on our feet all day or to walk a long way.  They are sleek and clean.  And, most probably not going anywhere for years to come.


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