27 miles to go…

27 Miles Malibu Cashmere

27 Miles Malibu Cashmere

I’m heading to Nashville this weekend to see my Commodores play some hoops, but before I head into Memorial Gym I’ll stop by   one of my favorite shops, Two Old Hippies.  One of the reasons I love this store is because they carry one of my favorite lines of cashmere.

I love cashmere and especially since the weather is now officially cold there is nothing better than layering up with a cashmere sweater. But I’m all about quality. The times when I spent less money on a cashmere was the time it pilled so badly that the sweater was worthless after only a few wears. However when I spend a little more money and with a little tlc my cashmere sweaters last for years.

Y’all know I love to find a good cashmere sweater line. I brought you Ivory Row, and I’m loving this boyfriend cardigan. But let me introduce you to 27 miles Malibu. This line brings a California vibe with a bit of rock and roll. So on a grey day 27 miles Malibu can bring a little California sunshine. I love the simple lines of the cashmere as well as the embellishments such as the fur collar or the bling. So if you got running a marathon on your new year aspirations…maybe go a little further and run for 27 miles and pick up one of these gems.

Thinking about pairing your 27 miles cashmere with some flare jeans and a Janessa Leone Hat and you’ll be ready. Come springtime pair this 27 miles cashmere with some shorts and one of the sandals Caroline told us about here and you are out. the. door.



PS Wish me luck. Vanderbilt plays Alabama and my husband and I are both very passionate for our respective teams but since his team won a national championship this week, I think it’s my turn!

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