New Shoe Obsession: My Stans and Me

Since retiring from the practice of law and becoming a full time designer last year, my lifestyle has changed dramatically — in more ways than one, but certainly in the shoe department.  I used to wear heels every single day of my life.  Because I mainly wore dressier clothes and sat at a desk all day.  It was totally doable.  And, my feet were used to being crunched into heels.

Now, I find I put on heels only for weekends nights out, church and the occasional mid-week cocktail party.  I am on my feet all day long running around sourcing things for my clients, spending the day at ADAC pulling fabrics, combing antique stores or running around doing things at my children’s school or for and with my kids.  For a month or two this fall I was really in a shoe crisis.

You read that right.  A shoe crisis.

Here’s the problem – I have a shelf full of mid-heel boots for fall and winter.  And those are fab.  They look great with jeans for sure.  But . . . I can’t really wear them all day everyday.  With the amount of time I am on my feet, I am dying by mid-day.

And, I bought my Stan Smith’s last Fall (and blogged about them here) and rocked them ac couple of times with slim wool trousers last winter for a super-styled effect in the office and then I pulled them out again for my trip to Paris, knowing I would be in need of a stylish but comfortable shoe.

And, then, it took me until two weeks ago to remember them this Fall.

But, I pulled them out last week and, now, I am wearing them everyday. My heart literally sings every time I put them on, because they are so comfortable AND they are so stylish.  I wear them with my black jeans, my blue jeans, my long jeans, my ankle jeans.  I wear them with long black skirts.  I wear them with my puffer coat, my melton coat, and my wool cape. Every time – perfection.  If you don’t have any, grab a pair here and feel my liberation.  If you want to personalize a pair (I ordered mine in all white everything) do so here.

To help you feel the vibe I’m laying down, I’ve hooked you up with some street style pics below.  Enjoy!!


Phoebe Philo of Céline


Leandra Medine of










  1. rebekah says

    I love reading your posts.. short, sweet and always on point.. It may just ME, but i have a hard reading the actual font.. it’s always really blurry.. Just wanted to share in case other readers do. Maybe i just need glasses 🙂

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