The Really Good Get: A Fab Dress for Spring


Toward the end of last summer, I began to notice these incredibly chic dresses with tie waists and embroidered bell-sleeves.  The dresses were an undoubtedly literal interpretation of the traditional Ukranian dress, but somehow now made extraordinary through an infusion of a hip bohemian edge.  First in the Instagram feed of Amanda Brooks (a harbinger for sure) and then on Leandra Medine’s blog,  Then Amy Astley followed suit and then several fashionistas those whose names are well-known and other faces I don’t recognize except to note that they, too, are early adopters.  And, then, Mark D. Sikes did a post.

I did some investigation when I first spotted Amanda in hers and determined the dresses were by Vita Kin, a native Ukranian, through her line of traditional Ukranian clothing, Vyshyvanka.  (Find examples of her dresses here, here, and here.).  Gorgeous for sure but available at price points around $2,000.  I’m going to go ahead and put it out there . . . that’s not my demographic.  Especially for a piece that, while crazy good looking and sure to be flattering, is without a doubt a full-out trend piece.

So, I just settled my mind that it wasn’t in the cards . . . I would admire from afar.

And then. . . guess what showed up at Shopbop last week???  An incredibly fab and affordable knock-off!!!! Priced at just $178, we can all get in on the action.  (Find it here.).  I received mine just yesterday and I am happy to report that while I am sure the quality is well below the original Vyshyvanka specimen, the piece is very well made and equally flattering!  (I am also dying for the top, too, found here.).

I am sitting on go, waiting for the opportunity to wear mine to pop up.  I put a mood board together below to show how I intend to style it.  Clearly, it’s going to be a minute before I get that chance.  Why post on it now????  When it’s, like, 20 degrees outside when we wake up in the mornings???  Because, girl, if you wait, this baby is destined to be gone, gone, gone.  Check out the runway pics I pulled from the Isabel Marant and Chloé Spring 2016 runways and you will see that this dress perfectly captures the silhouette and the bohemian vibe the most influential designers in the biz are laying down for Spring.  Also, I pulled some of the social media photos I found from last summer.  I think you will see from those that this dress is literally irresistible.   If you are skeptical of the quality or long for a longer length so as to appear more authentic, March II got in on the game, striking the price point in half.  (Find options here, here, and here.).

I ordered the Shopbop version in white and I am going back for black.  And, maybe the top, too.

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Dress | Les Bonbons Earrings | Moroccan Straw Market Basket | Lace-up Sandals


Dress | Les Bonbons Earrings | Moroccan Straw Market Basket | Lace-up Sandals

Isabel Marant Spring 2016 Runway


Chloé Spring 2016 Runway



Leandra Medine of the in Net-A-Porter’s The Edit



Amy Astley and Amanda Brooks







Anna Della Russo


Amanda Brooks



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