It’s that kind of day…

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Well our weather man is predicting a little snow here in Alabama. What does that mean? Everyone is heading out making sure they have enough bread and milk in case they can’t get to the store for a few hours. But I know our friends in the Northeast are getting walloped and since we are heading into the weekend, I thought I would share some cocktail recipes courtesy of Martha Stewart.

These are all easy to make and if you are heading to the store for your bread and milk anyway, you can pick up a few more items so you will truly be prepared. The recipes I chose are for a crowd.  I was talking to a friend  yesterday and she had already texted her neighbors making sure everyone had enough provisions for the cocktail hour(s) otherwise she was heading to the store. I also remembered when we had a snow event a couple of years ago that caught us off guard and the only thing we could find was some old margarita mix. So the point is, be prepared and gather your friends around.

Pomegranate Champagne Punch: Recipe Here. The recipe calls for pear nectar. Now I don’t have time combing the aisles for pear nectar so if you can’t find it a few other options. You can use apple cider or white grape juice. You can even buy canned pears and drain the juice.

Holiday Citrus Punch: I know it won’t be a holiday but for our northern friends it looks like you may have another Monday off. Enjoy it here. Plus it calls for pear nectar two so with this one ingredient you can make a couple of different punches.v

Southern Comfort Punch: You hear the word Bourbon and it just warms you up. Find the recipe here.

Take a deep breath friends and we will all get through it. Have a great weekend and be safe and if you are not getting any snow don’t let that stop you from making a cocktail…here is Martha Stewart teaching us how to make paper snow flakes.



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