Do you tinkle?

Say what? I know that was my reaction. Friday I had lunch with some friends and I was told about tinkling. Ok hang with me. The Tinkle pack is classified as eyebrow shapers but what my friends tell me is that this same device can be used for that light hair we have on our face as well as act like an exfoliator. Now listen. I was skeptical too but one of my friends who was on board with this phenomen is a very good dermatologist and she was agreeing that we all need to do this. Also here is a New York Times article she forwarded to me that does even a better job of explaining this phenomen for you.

Each razor can be used 10 times. I asked if it mattered if I used it in the morning or at night and I was told it didn’t. I tend to use a heavier moisturizer at night so I’m going to try it at night before I slather on my moisturizer. My friends invited me to feel their face and while I felt weird touching my friends’ face in the middle of a restaurant (I’ll do anything for our readers) I have to admit their skin felt great and all of their skin looked fabulous.

Tinkling is like your own dermaplaning. So what can dermaplaning do for you. Derma planing promotes smoother skin, removes soft facial hair that traps dirt and oil, enhances effectiveness of other skin care treatments, reduces fine lines and produces immediate results with no down time.

Now let me tell me you one downside. One of my friends admitted that she was “addicted” to tinkling so we may have to have an intervention with her but if you tinkle once a day and make sure you change your tinkle every ten days you’ll be fine.



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