Bottoms Up!


Okay, er’body huddle up.  Raise your hand if, for at least the past five years you have felt, like, maybe a thong is not the perfect panty for you.   Right.  Me too.  Bup. bup. bup . . . no explanations needed here.  Okay, now raise your hand if you are still wearing a thong, even though you know it’s not the best because: VPL.  I know. Me too.

Or, used to be.  Until I found the Hidden Hipster.  And it has totally, completely, 100% liberated me from the thong.  And, it is WAY sexier and cuter and more flattering in all the right ways.  I promise (PROMISE!!!!) you are not going to feel like you’ve just been downgraded to granny panties.  It’s a little cheeky (1/4 cheek). It’s low slung.  It’s a little sheer.  But here is why it’s really so awesome:  the seams and edges literally melt away.  You feel like you are wearing nothing.  But, whoa!  Dude!  You are totally wearing underwear.  But no VPL.  No bunching.  No bulk.  It’s liberating AND safe at the exact same time.  Feel me?

I am very confident that there are a million similar options out there.  But, this is one that I recommend.  I stumbled across True & Co a couple of months ago, and, now, I am a devotée.  It’s just so convenient, the quality is great, the styling is great, and the prices are right.  And, then, there is the Fit Quiz.

Take the time for the Fit Quiz.  It is in-depth and helped steer me into a perfect fit for the first time in what seems like a decade for some bras I recently ordered — I was not wearing the right size at all.  Then, once you take it, True & Co automatically pulls everything – bottom and top – from the site that works with your figure.  So, every time you log in, you see what’s new that will work for you.  Genius.  That’s how I found the Hidden Hipster.  (Find them here and here).  (Also, check out some amazing bras here, here, and here).

And you can score three pair for $33 — only a little bit more that 1 pair of Hanky Panky.  And, let’s face it — Hanky Panky totally wads on the hips and then gets fried if you ever, like, ever (!!) forget and throw them in the dryer!

Bottoms up!





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