TV Guide: Mozart In The Jungle


Last April, I read a great article in Vogue interviewing Lola Kirke, sister to Jemima Kirke (who plays Jessa in the Lena Dunham/HBO hit series, Girls), about her new role as Hailey, an aspiring oboist from North Carolina trying to break into the New York Symphony in the second Amazon Original Series, Mozart In the Jungle.  The article noted that the series was produced by Jason Schwartzman (one of my favorites since Rushmore), Bart Frundlich (Julianne Moore’s husband), and Roman Coppola, directed in turn by each of the three, and based on the New York Times Best Selling Novel by the same name.  Really, it had me at hello.

I checked it out that night.  And, two days later I had watched the entire first season.  And, I told everyone who would listen to me how amazing and gorgeous and delightful it is.  And, it really kind of seemed like I wasn’t getting through to anyone.  And months came and went and it disappeared from my Amazon feed and I didn’t really see it at the Emmys and I really thought it had been cancelled.

And, then, pow! Out of the blue, it was not only nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Comedy but Gael Garcia Bernal, who plays Maestro, was nominated for Best Actor.  And then, they both won!  And then, Season 2 dropped!!!!  Yay!!!

I am in the middle of Season 2 now — stretching it out this time to try to savor it – and it is every bit as delightful as the first season.  There’s very little profanity or nudity and only the insinuation of sex – rare these days when you can’t even let your kids watch Big Bang Theory without having to have in-depth discussions that make you feel like your parents must have when Three’s Company came on.

I am not suggesting Mozart In The Jungle is a show to watch with your kids — it’s for a mature audience, to be sure.  But, it is subtle and well written and the characters well-developed and the story line, sufficiently complex, and the cinematography is amazing and gorgeous and a visual delight — all of that without having to resort to vulgarity for the sake of vulgarity.

Anyway, check it out here — I hope you love it as much as I do.  It’s good.





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