Brand to Watch: PB 0110

pb-0110-AB21-cross-body-bagPsst . . . looking for a fab new handbag that won’t break the bank?  And by fab, I mean, luscious leather, gorgeous colors, and great styling?  I just got my paws on a PB 0110 tan cross-body bag over the weekend and I am over the moon!  The PB 0110 is not exactly new, it hit the scene way back in 2012, but it is new to the hot list . . . once word got around, it quickly became the darling of the fashion set and now they keep selling out at lightning speed with every re-stocking.  The detailing of the bag speaks to one that is much more expensive, with hand-tanned leathers, linen interiors, and brass finishes.  And, each bag is designed to become better with age.  Maybe I love it so much because the styling is utterly modern – it pairs beautifully with all of the styles that are so popular today.  You will love the entire collection, including the AB26 tote which is pretty f’ing awesome as well.   (Find the collection here).

I fell for the small cross-body bag because I have really loved carrying my Mansur Gavriel cross-body all Fall. (Find it here in tan).  But the Deep Spruce colorway (which has been amaze-balls for Fall) will not be as fresh come May.  So, I opted for the tan this go-around, which is my favorite basic for purses and shoes (I know I keep hitting that same note over and over but it really does look good with almost everything).  I can imagine wearing it now with jeans and chunky heels and, later, throwing it over my shoulder it all summer long with shorts and short dresses and lighter color basics.  At $600, the bag is not exactly a bargain, but then again, neither are the materials.  And, with price points between $1,000 and $3,000 for nice handbags becoming more common daily, I am really happy to find something in the affordable luxury space.

Below, I hooked you up with a mood board and a couple of other pics so you can feel the vibe.

Happy Humpday!


  1. Green floral off-the-shoulder top, $63 at
  2. J Brand Georgia Mid-rise Slim Boyfriend Jeans, $190 at
  3. Les Bon Bons, $275 at
  4. PB 0110 AB21 Cross-body Bag in tan, $600 at
  5. Chloé Criss-cross strap Platform Sandals, $750 at



pb-0110-light-tan-ab21-leather-cross-body-bag-brown-product-3-919606748-normal Tuchuzy_Blog-pb0110




    • Caroline Gidiere says

      Thanks Anna! You can never go wrong with tan/belting leather. When in doubt, go for tan leather!

      Thanks so much for the comment love and for following!!!


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