Work Wear: The Hottest Look for Spring


I have been obsessing about this look from Michael Kors Collection since I posted on it here last Fall when it was part of the Spring Collection.  Last week, I grabbed a Glamour (which is not a regular part of my regular mag obsession repertoire) from the rack at Target because Gwynnie was on the cover — and I know y’all all hate her, and I get that, but I still think she is totally ballin’.  And, there she was inside wearing my favorite outfit!!!  Plus she had on the Celine booties I have been coveting!!!  Dy. Ing.

What do I love about this outfit from Kors (and why do I think they put Gwynnie in it)?  Several reasons.  This is Classic American casual wear — a vibe that Kors gets better than all the rest.  And he totally nailed it here. The white poplin shirt is classic without being dowdy or tipping over into preppy.  The skirt has a hint of edge, but not too much.  It’s a little sexy without being inappropriate.   Did I mention the look is jaw-droppingly gorgeous?

Also, what I think I love the most about it is that it says, “I am not trying to look perfect; I just want to be chic and comfortable.”  And, I love it when clothes talk like that.  It’s really just a relaxed feel to a dressy look that tells the world you are both sensible and super stylish.

If you are in for a good investment and yellow is always going to be in your wheelhouse because you love it (I do!), you can find the Kors skirt here (but act fast because it is sure to sell out in a flash) and the button down here.

If you are trying to holster this look on a budge, like me, check out this skirt by Topshop if yellow suede is what does it for you or this one or this one from Mango if the wrap/slit skirt angle makes you feel the vibe. And, try this blouse or this one from Zara, this poplin popover from J.Crew (if you prefer short sleeves) or this long-sleeved silk one, or I am kind of partial to this one from Thomas Mason.  I am also totally digging this one from Pixie Market (which would be fab with the navy wrap skirt from Mango, BTDubs).

For the shoes, forgive me, but there is no substitute for the wooden chunk heel sandals with narrow belting leather straps that Kors sent down the runway last Fall (I DO love the Celine booties Gwynnie’s rocking’ but just not for Spring/Summer). We HAVE to grab these sandals this Spring — all of us need a pair!!!  But, get in line behind me, girl!  I am hot on a trail for these bad daddies and my “add to basket” finger is getting itching just waiting for them to appear on line. . .








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