Are we going Dutch?

Going Dutch

Going Dutch

The wooden platform sandal has been in my news feed recently so I decided I needed to do a little investigating and this past weekend when I was shopping with my daughter it seemed it was all I saw.  So I’ve decided it is a must try. When I put an item in this category it means that I want to try it but don’t want to spend a lot of money. In the shoe category, my go to “must try” brand is Sam Edelman. I’m not going to get too far off on a tangent but Sam Edelman has the best sandals. You probably know them for the Gigi Sandal. This thong is a great buy for all ages, from my daughter’s age to my age every person needs at least one of these sandals in their closet because the colors are just fabulous. Check out this  Gigi and this Gigi.Two basics but two musts for your closet

Ok but back to regular scheduled programing. The wooden platform sandal. I love this look. We can go all boho with our flare jeans and flow top or we can get a little sophisticated with white shorts and a tailored shirt. The wooden platform comes in a heel and a wedge. I haven’t decided which way I’m going.  I’m leaning toward the wedge just because that is what I wear in the summer but at this price point I may do both. Oh by the way each one of these sandals is linked to Shopbop who is having a sale. So

Here are a few more styles:

Dutch 2.001

  1. Stuart Weitzman Platform Sandals
  2. Jeffrey Campbel Wedges
  3. Cynthia Vincent Sandal
  4. Ash Sandals




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