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Cropped Flare Jeans

Cropped Flare Jeans

Denim seems to be getting shorter and shorter this Spring. I like the cropped jean. I wear mine all year long with boots and sandals. In fact, I wear mine so much that my family warns me that they may just hop off and walk away themselves. But this Spring, the cropped is flared not skinny and there are a few rules to remember.

First, right above the ankle is the best length; it is the skinniest part of the leg and any higher it is just going to cut you off making your leg look wider. Second, this is not the time to see how many holes you can put into your jeans while still being able to go outside without being ticketed for indecency. A little distressing at the bottom is fine. Third, the choice of shoe. This really is going to depend on where you are going and your personal preference. Personally I think a heel or even an open toe bootie. I want a little height to lengthen the leg.

Here are some links to a few of my favorite pairs(you can also find them under Shop the Latest).  See these Rag and Bone Cropped Flare Jeans; M.i.h Jeans; Mother Sunny Hustler Jeans ; AG Jodi Flared Crop Jeans. Don’t forget Shopbop is having their amazing sale and you can get these at a discount with code BIGEVENT16. A great time to stock up on some of your favorites and to try something new such as the flared crop jean.




  1. Laurie Kent says

    Love the cropped jeans suggestions. Can you come up with suggestions for a good white spring Jean? So many of them are almost see thru (I don’t want to be able to see the tag on my leg), even in premium denim. Please help!

    • Martha Thompson says

      Laurie, Yes! Will do. I’ve just started seeing white jeans in the store and I agree white jeans are a challenge so we’ll do some research and post soon. Thanks so much!

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