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For_love_And_Lemons-Swimwear-Jamaica-Collage_Vintage-Swimsuit-64-1Yo!  Guess what???  Spring break is, like, now.  I know.  You ready?  Me either.  The good news is that there actually is enough time to order stuff, and get it here, before you leave.  This week (I have MWF this week) I am going to focus on a different, but equally important, element for your beach sitch each day.  Today, suit options.  Wednesday and Friday, I’ll hit you back with cover-ups and sandals, respectively.  But, you better get on it, girl, times a wastin’ . . .

Let’s start with this:  If you have a perfect body or love your abs and your arms and your derriere, you really don’t need any help here from me.  You can probably handle this sitch pretty well on on your own.  And, if you are looking for some great bikini recs, I am not your girl.  But if you are like me, and don’t precisely “love your body” (if you are being honest) but you respect it and know it’s limitations as well as its strong points, then let’s get down to biz here . . .

So, I guess we all know the starting point, right?  J.Crew.  Because they have, like, a million options.  This year, I am pretty partial to this color block option, because I think the navy and royal blue combo is so chic and this is a really (REALLY) flattering color scheme that is a veritable Jedi mind trick for the svelt factor.  Also, I love this navy ruched one piece because it is classic and sophisticated.  And, navy goes so well with the beach and pool and everything else you might take there.

Tory Burch is my hands-down favorite this year.  The options are so gorgeous they are literally killing me. My number one favorite is this mosaic one-piece.  I mean.  Lavender and floral and the halter neck.  So flattering.  Dying.  That one will not last long.  By next Friday, I expect it is sold out.  (Be sure to avoid spraying your sunscreen on the white material – just saying).  I am also crushing on this graphic print one piece with cut-outs.  I love a little reveal – and the placement of these cut-outs is strategic.  Want to guess where the majority of women are the thinnest??  Right where these cut-outs are located.  And, the pattern keeps the eye moving.  (Plus, it has this cute swim skirt).  Love.  If you are looking to keep it classic, I am so in love with this solid black plunging one piece.  This suit can take you everywhere — up in the club, the beach, Saint Tropez, Ibiza . . . you won’t be out of place with this guy.

Alright, how about the gold standard??  Has to be, and probably always will be, Eres.  The lingerie powerhouse has invested millions in developing their own fabric called “peau douce” which was designed to “celebrate, flatter, and respect” the body and it’s curves with no need for boning or padding – it slims, it shapes, it conceals.  Somebody’s speaking my language (I personally hate having to fish out and straighten those pad inserts that inevitably get all bunched up).  This one piece bandeau is timeless swimwear chic. I’ve seen it across a crowded pool and it stopped me dead in my tracks.  It is amazeballs.  If your girls are less fulsome, give this one a shot.  If, however, you are of an “ample bosom” (as my mother would call it), this one is going to be your best bet — with the banding under the bosom providing additional support.

Bargain shopping?  Never fear.  There are some way fab options for us, too.  I found several options for under $50 at Nordstrom Rack.  Try this reversible cut-out one-piece from Mara Hoffman for some high-voltage color in a classic cut.  If your upper torso is one of your best assets, try this cut-out, high-waist bottom, bikini also by Mara Hoffman.  This cut-out halter by Tart is a classic.

And, let’s not forget Target which, honestly, has some great, quality options for less than $50.  And, right now, Target is running a special – buy one, get one 50% off, so – super bargain; you just have to fish around for a good one (i.e., read the reviews).  This one by Vix holds tremendous promise, but there is only one review, so who knows . . .   Both this embellished cut-out one-piece and it’s bandeau sister (both are on-line exclusives) get great reviews for fitting well and being flattering and well made and I love both color options.  Also, this draped one-piece in navy stripes is totally, totally, totally on fleek – navy and white stripes are HUGE this summer.

This review is not complete without the dish from Shopbop, which has some of the best options out there and offers Amazon Prime members two-day, free shipping.  Word.  The tippy, tippy, tippy top for the girl who is looking to shut. it. down. this spring break is this wrap around, belted maillot by Michael Kors.  Girl, that one slays.  This cross-front maillot by Kors is a sophisticated classic that will always look chic.   I am ca-RAZY for this one shoulder sitch by Melissa Obadash.  Why?  Because there is a just-perfect balance of reveal and covered and it’s got the reveal going on in all the right spots.  Plus, I think a one-shoulder suit is not only flattering but super chic.  This one shoulder basic by Norma Kamali, tho, is equally chic and more reasonably priced.  I am loving this Zimmerman bonded tulip suit as a happy marriage of a one and two-piece suit – a great option for the girls who used to rock a bikini but feel the abdomen works best these days with a little something left to the imagination. And, finally, this one by Araks is, well, perfection. . .

Good luck and Happy Monday!!!



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