90 to Nothing

Slooow Downnn

Slooow Downnn

First let me apologize, last week was a whirlwind and something had to give. Unfortunately that meant I just couldn’t do a blog post. I was going 90 to nothing…But Friday Caroline and I went to our stretching class at the Y. It is a new class and one that I can really tell a difference in how my body reacts. Here’s the rub, you have to slow down and breathe. Our instructor literally gets us on a mat with a foam roller and take us through a variety of stretches that are meant to break up the fascia and bring about relief. After going so hard all week it was difficult slowing down but what my body definitely needed. Here is where you can find some of the exercises we did. Be forewarned though, it really helps to do this class with a group because it kind of hurts (although the pay off is great)

So what to wear. Exercise clothes have taken it up a notch. From the prints to the styles, you can break Tim Gunn’s rules and wear these clothes outside the Y. A few of may favorite brands include Zara Terez; It reminds me of Mara Hoffman but without the big price.  I love these prints and the bright colors just bring a smile.  Beyond Yoga has been one of my go to for a while. This brand is so soft and really holds up well. Alo Yoga Wear was actually a discovery I made at a mountain wear store in North Carolina. The long sleeve tees are a great addition especially this time of year when I need a sleeve but not something so heavy. Of course you have the standby of Athleta. I’m a big fan of their capri pants, plus they hold up really well. I have a few more suggestions under Shop the Latest.

Here is to a new week.



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