Beach Bag Beauty Basics


What’s the inside of your beach bag sitch?  I have this idea that my beach bag is permanently sitting on go — just sitting there waiting for the next trip to come along, already packed up, no thought required.  And, then, I’m all “Wait . . . what??  Who used up all my sunscreen???  I swear this was full the last time I used it.”  Or “Ew, yuck!!! Who didn’t put the cap back on???  Nasty!!”  Or “Is this already all gone???” and you try and bend the lip gloss stick to see if you can swipe the sides to scrape one final use out of the tube.  And you turn your bag upside down and a 1/2 cup of sand falls out.  And then you realize that you are the culprit and no one is using your lip gloss or your sunscreen and you are the loser who can’t take the time to put the cap back on or keep the sand out of your bag.

Maybe it’s just the fact that I never actually unpack my beach bag that makes me have this overwhelming sense that it is SO ready to go.

So. . . .  So, this is your cue — you’ve got to get that bag out today, girl, dust it out, and get it packed already to go!  The way I break it down, there are five basics for the beach bag: (1) Sunscreen for the body, (2) sunscreen for the face, (3) chapstick, (4) lip gloss, (5) sunglasses.   There are some new and totally awesome new players out there this year.

(1) Sunscreen spray.  Coola is my new favorite brand of sunscreen.  It’s organic and it smells divine and it works.  Sold!  Sunbum is still totally awesome and also smells good.  Also, check out Hampton Sun (which is getting some great reviews) and Supergoop!, which is a solid choice and less expensive than the others.  (And, sad day.  Looks like Bobbi Brown is no longer carrying her Beach 15 SPF Spray (Insert one tear sad emoji here).

(2) Face sunscreen.  Okay.  Let’s lean in on this one.  I use Elta MD SPF 50 Sport Water-Resistent, because it’s too legit to quit. Kiehl’s Super Fluid 50 SPF is pretty awesome and so is CereVe’s Invisible Zinc 50 SPF Sunscreen Face Lotion, and it’s a super bargain!

(3) Chapstick.  You have to protect those lips, yo!  I have two favorites here – Fresh Sugar Lip Balm — it comes in a million colors but I use no color and then add a gloss on top (but, hey! find a color you like and streamline your life) and Sunbum 30 SPF Lip Balm – which at $4, can’t be beat!  I like the Coconut but there are several other yummy flavors!

(4) Lip Gloss.  Yes, please!  I LOVE a good lip gloss and I also love a nude lip at the beach!  If you do, too, try Charlotte Tilbury’s Ibiza Nights, Aerin’s Weekend, and Yves Saint Laurent Gloss Volupte in Nude Carat.

(5)  Sunnies.  Honestly, this one calls for a separate post, but don’t forget about cool and economical options at Warby Parker like the Banks, the Everett, and the Lovett. Also, Le Specs, which Net-A-Porter carries, are way cheaper than Warby Parker even (!!).  Try these or these.

Good luck!!



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