Easter Basket Ideas

Easter Basket ideas

Easter Basket ideas

I feel a little funny blogging about Easter baskets on Good Friday and moreover why is it called Good Friday when Christ died on the cross on this day. (here is an article I found that gives some insight) But we will be celebrating on Sunday and Easter baskets are certainly part of that tradition.

When you have a teenager, Easter Basket ideas seem pretty remote but no teenager wants to give up the Basket; they know a good thing when it hits them. But with Spring Break upon us plus a teenager’s birthday, the Easter Basket is the farthest from my mind. But so I won’t have a disappointed teenager on my hands here are a few last minute gender neutral ideas that you can pick up at any drug store or ATM.

Every egg loves a little cash. I remember being disappointed when I was younger and my egg wouldn’t jingle with coin but instead flip open with green bills. Those days have changed. Green bills are the desired currency. Of course there is always candy. I’ll be honest I’m not a big fan of candy. It seems to just sit there until a week later after getting tired of seeing it on the counter I throw it away. The one exception to candy is gum. I feel like gum is a treat that will be used.Gift cards are a great idea and depending on where your teenager likes to hang out you have lots of options.

With us hitting the road next week, I love a good Mad Lib. This Worst Case Scenario version has teenager written all over it. We are going somewhere warm so what about some goggles. And to add a some glitz, what about some flash tats. These ten sheets of flash tats in gold, silver and turquoise should keep your teenager covered in tats. So a couple of more ideas for the Easter basket for those who are going to be someplace warm, what about a beach towel, sun glasses or even a pack of Emi-Jays to keep the hair out of their face.

Still need a few more ideas. Throw in a couple of magazines, movie tickets or Starbucks gift cards and you will have one awesome Easter basket.

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    Love your post! I feel the same pain or should I say challenge when it comes to carrying on the tradition of the Easter basket! Mine are 18, 20, and 22 with the older two away at college…gonna bite the bullet and do as I usually do and fill up the baskets but this year no sugar as it’s been banned from our house since Jan! Made it through Valentines with some creativity so I’m not worried. Thanks for the ideas and happy spring break!

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