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Chanel Long Wearing Nail Polishes

Chanel Long Wearing Nail Polishes

This past weekend I had my last dark coat (OPI Guys and Galaxies) placed on my nails. My manicurist chastised me for going dark but I told her when the temps are still falling to the 40s in April then I am justified. She agreed reluctantly but told me this was it, next time I needed to lighten up. Ok I started doing some research on this important topic

I love a gel. I’ve tried alternatives see here which is great when I’m by myself but let’s face it, gel is where it is when you have the time for someone else to do your nails. I know that the UV rays are not the best thing for my hands but it is hard to resist the gel nail that I literally can do anything with my hands such as yard work and they still hang on strong. But when I read that Chanel was rebooting some of it classics, I was intrigued. I’ve used Chanel nail polishes on my toes for a long time but haven’t tried them on my fingernails in a while because of the chip factor. But lo and behold, Chanel in their reboot also added a new magic ingredient…5 days of chip free. Now that is no gel but 5 days of chip free and no harmful UV rays, I say “yes”

Some of my favorite Chanel colors have been Ballerina (a pale pink) and Pirate (a fiery red) which happen to be a couple of their best sellers. Other best sellers include Particuliere, Vamp,  and Rouge Noir) Chanel has also brought 10 fresh shades  for this epic launch. Look for  Spring, trend-forward colors, such as midnight blue, elegant rose, slate gray, and party-ready gold. (which may mean that my dark color may see the sun this Spring and Summer)



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