The OMG-I-Am-Dying-Once-A-Year-Barneys-Warehouse Shoe Sale

e0fc2cc1351987ce1e27e6771fcc653aBarney Warehouse’s Annual Shoe Sale is in full swing and today you can score some amazing shoes for up to 50% off the already 50% off original markdown.  The sale ends tonight at midnight.  That, friends, is some serious business.

The first time I ever went to a Barneys Warehouse sale, it was at the actual warehouse in the Meatpacking District in NYC about 15 years ago and I took my husband along.  He was outraged (but also extremely delighted) to find women literally stripping down to their underwear in front of him, seemingly oblivious to his presence, to try on clothes because the lines for the dressing rooms were a mile long and time was wasting.  Clearly, high-stakes bargains trump modesty any day of the week, right??

As the daughter of a serious bargain shopper, I have been doing sales since I could stand on two legs.  And, so, maybe I have a smidge more stamina when it comes to these things.  Sales like these are not for the faint of heart, to be sure.  You have to want the bargain really, really bad . . . because you do grow weary on the path.  But to the victor (and the most tenacious) go the spoils.  And, one of my favorite credos is “There is no better time to buy a fabulous pair of $1700 shoes than when they cost $400.”  Boom.

Where to start?  I have sorted the lot according to category (you’re welcome!) and filtered for my favorites in each category.  Good luck!  And, remember, the sale ends today, all sales are final, and shipping is free if you are cool with 3-5 day ground.



Event Shoes (Headed to a Wedding or Formal Event (Museum Ball anyone??)

Try these Manolo Blahnik Embellished Criss-Cross Heels (available in two other colors) – which were regularly $995 now $279 (yup!).  Not your style??  Try these Manolos with a jeweled buckle (a little bit more trad-ish), originally $775, now $216.  These Nicholas Kirkwood Serafin Lace-up Sandals, amazing paired with a semi-formal frock, are $482 marked down from $1,150 ( you read that right!!!!) (or try these by Prada, $251, down from $890) (or these by Narciso Rodriguez, $223 down from $795).  These by Prabal Gurung are way fab if you are needing something black and formal ($330, down from $950).

Dress Shoes (What To Wear to Graduation, Church or Dressy Events that don’t call for formal attire).

These Maeva Ankle-Strap Sandals are truly amazing (lazed-cut cork applied to white canvas – swoon!) and would look amazing with literally any summer frock you could through on.  They are only $370, marked down from $880.   If you have a brightly colored, solid dress for your event or that is perfect for church, etc., consider these Nicholas Kirkwood Cork-heel Sandals to really punch up the spectacular quotient.  These Paul Andrew White Glad Sandals would be perfect with any pastel and pretty confection for spring ($270, down from $895)

Work Shoes (For all the girls trying hard to spiff up a black/navy/gray suit, this is your answer).

You had no idea how amazing your grey or black skirt suit could be until you laid your eyes on these Snakeskin Laser-Cut Sandals by Nicholas Kirkwood.  At $319 — down from $1595 (did you ever???), you simply cannot, cannot walk away from these babies!!  Or how about these Nicholas Kirkwood criss-cross black leather sandals as your the amazing go-to, day-in-day-out awesomeness for all your black and neutral suiting???  At $225, marked down from $895, you really have to give these girls a hard look.  Okay, if you really want to kick it up a notch, why not grab these Saint Laurent Embellished Fetish Sandals (the rock-stud having now become mainstream through the likes of Valentino and Eddie Borgo) for all your work wear and then double-time them with your denim and black blazer when you head out to dinner?  ($503 marked down from $1795 (That’s right, almost $2k for a fab pair of designer shoes these days.  Mind.  Blown.).).  Or try these basic yet beautiful sandals from Barneys (or these) that will class-up anything in your work wardrobe.  At $112 (down from $395), these truly are a must-buy.

And, if your job calls for way more trad-ish styles, check out these Pierre Hardy Pumps (both the patent and the snakeskin are gorgeous).  It’s an elegant and extremely stylish (and current) riff on a classic and at $224 (marked down from $795) you can’t find a higher quality or better look for the price.  Or, if you like it kick it up but have a closed-toe policy, check out these by Aquazurra (in three colors), for an amazing balance between rock-star and trad-ish.

Flat Sandals (Our summer mainstays)

My favorite of all favorites from everything available at the sale is this pair of Nicholas Kirkwood Snakeskin Sandals with a curved asymmetric strap, $225 down from $895.  Wow!  Pierre Hardy is perhaps one of the most coveted shoe designers in the world.  These two-tone sandals demonstrate why.  At $160, marked down from $375, you really can’t walk away.

If you are crazy for Ancient Greek Sandals (a huge trend right now) but you don’t quite have the pocketbook AND you have a very small or very large foot (or maybe you have a pre-teen with a sense of style that outpaces your commitment to her fashion), try these, these, these or these in price ranges from $76 to $97 – a steal if you have a cinderalla touch.  Speaking of teenagers, why not grab these glads by Barneys ($60 down from $120); your daughter will be thrilled and your wallet will thank you.

Wedges (Where would we be without them??)

Check out these navy hotties by See by Chloé ($99 down from $360), these basic black from Barneys ($75 down from $275), or these everyday platforms from Barneys ($105 down from $215) for prices that are out of this world.

Espadrilles  (Perf with denim, shorts, skirts, dresses, make your legs look longer, and are easier to walk in than heels, etc., etc.)

My favorites are these by Nicholas Kirkwood ($250, down from $595), these by Tabitha Simmons (4140 down from $495),  these by Ulla Johnson (they get the gold star in this category for being practical) ($112, down from $395), or these sporty ones from Flamingos for having it’s finger on fashion’s pulse ($97, down from $360).


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