Indy Grand Prix


This past weekend we headed out to Barber Motorsports Park to see some Grand Prix Racing. It was awesome. The day was just beautiful and we were privileged enough to celebrate some fantastic children being honored by Children’s Hospital.

I blogged about Talladega here but Grand Prix Racing is at another level. Here was my dilemma, what hand bag to carry. I couldn’t carry a small hand bag because I had too much stuff to carry; camera, sunscreen, money, racing tickets, guide book for the day and room for the obligatory souvenir. But carrying my everyday purse (which does hold everything) just didn’t seem right. I also wanted something easy to handle; so no clutch; it also couldn’t be too cumbersome. Lots of demands, I know.

What I settled on was a backpack. My hands are free, I have lots of room for everything but not weighing my right shoulder down. Here are a few options

Backpack for Indy Racing

                                                                                                   Backpacks for Indy Racing


  1. Stella McCartney Backpack (Half-price)
  2. Cleobella Backpack
  3. Rebecca Minkoff Julian Backpack
  4. Rebecca Minkoff Bryn Backpack
  5. Clare V Backpack

Here is what  I wore…Comfort was key:

Race Day Details in Shop The Latest

Race Day Details in Shop The Latest

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