You’ll Be Seeing Me in . . . Pixie Market

Pixie-market-blue-ots copy.001To say “obsessed” is strong, yes, maybe, but, also, true.  I stumbled across Pixie Market in a link from another blog last Fall.  I was pretty captivated by what I found and remember looking at everything available on the site (literally unable to stop) before whittling my decision down to a great off-the-shoulder denim top (a knock off of one I had admired by Tibi) for $49.  I have loved that top so much that I have anxiously awaited the Spring arrivals.  And . . .

I have been literally blown away by the Spring collection.  Whoevs (do we say that now?  I mean, now that “whatevs” is a word?) is the creative director at Pixie Market has her finger on the pulse of street style fashion and loves a good riff on Rosie Assoulin and Johanna Ortiz – two fashion designers loved by the likes of Leandra Medine, the LSD, and every other fashion influencer in the streets.  Rosie and Johanna have been leading the charge with the off-the-shoulder movement, bringing us gorgeous ruffles and feminine tailoring.  And Pixie Market has been feeling the vibe Rosie and Johanna have been putting out there.  And, I’m pretty sure it’s way better than Zara this Spring.  Bye, Felicia.

Let me put it this way:  I ordered a stack of items from PM this Spring.  I love every. single. piece.  I have returned exactly 0.  Unheard of.  The only thing I can think of these days is how I am going to buy the next new arrival.  See?  #obsessed.

I pulled a look together for you below for this amazeballs OTS top from PM.  If you aren’t exactly feeling the Pixie Market model, check out this, this or this as pretty viable alternatives.  But, do yourself a favor and check Pixie Market out.



Pixie-market-blue-ots copy.001

1. Off-the-shoulder Top | 2. Garden Short | 3. Floral Drop Earrings | 4. Lip Goss |

5.  Raffia and Leather Bag | 6. Floral Brocade Mules 


    • Caroline Gidiere says

      Shana!! Thanks so much for the comment! I can totally see you in this!! I am coo-coo for the mules!!!! Thanks for following and tell your friends!! We want to increase our footprint!!


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