Wedding Bell

silk-cotton-COS-bell-skirt-frockIt’s wedding/semi formal high season, y’all.  You ready?  I am totally crushing on this gorgeous blush-colored frock with bell-skirt from COS.  (I keep saying this and please hear me now:  You should be shopping COS!!!). Though I have styled the blush option, below, you can get a better feel for the dress from the pics for the black option, so I included that here, too.

I would style this baby, and just about any formal/semi-formal event, with the Tamara Mellon’s Frontline shoe in silver.  Tamara just re-launched her own shoe label (after a quick tour in bankruptcy – read about it here) with a goal of offering the same $800 high-end shoes found at Jimmy Choo for $450 and selling directly to the consumer via a web-based platform (rather than through tradish retailers (AKA middlemen)).  Scandal!!  Anyway, she is hoping to lead the charge with the Frontline, which has been worn by Gigi, Kendall and all the major playahs (see some pics here).

Because this confection has such lovely clean lines, I would go all out with an over-the-top jewel crusted clutch and earrings — here’s the time and the place for that!!  I might also do a loose side bun, which, turns out, is pretty easy to do in 3 minutes or less (find a great tutorial here).  And, I would do a deep coral, shiny lip.  Perfection!  To help you pull it all together, I have an idea board below and the pic of the black option (also lovely) to help you feel the vibe.

If you aren’t quite feeling The Bell, check out this, this, this, this, and this — all on sale right now during Neiman Marcus’s First Call Sale.



  1. COS Silk and Cotton Dress | 2. J. Crew Chambray Crystal Earrings | 3. Aerin Rose Balm Lipstick in Geranium | 4. Fendi Micro Mini Peekaboo Bag | 5. Tamara Mellon Frontline Specchio in Silver                    



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