Put Your Shoulder Into It

Cos-OTS-Top-Board.001Actually, I should have titled this post “Why You Should Be Shopping COS.”  COS, you should. . . .  Be shopping COS.  I preach this and preach this and, when I am out in the field doing re-con with my #squad, no one, and I mean “NO ONE,” is feelin’ me on this. . . except a very few handful of people who have felt my vibe and checked out COS in person while in New York or Paris (no one has had the guts to pull the trigger on-line).  And, each of those either texted me “OMG!  COS is boss!” or sent word that they were blown away and addicted.

I am not going to keep going on about how great the quality is or the fab fit or how gorgeous and stylish the clothes are.  No. . .I’ve already been over that three times.  Today, I am simply putting together an outfit that slays.  This is the year of the shoulder (were you thinking it is the year of the red fire monkey???) and this top is en feugo.  And, it’s COS.  And, it’s too legit to quit.  If this fab but inexpensive ($49) top doesn’t suit you, try thisthis, this, this or this.   Just . . . get it together and get on some COS.  Word.   (And, check out the Chloé runway pic, below, that inspired today’s look).



  1. COS Top | 2. COS mini-skirt | 3. Wildfox (very affordable but chic) Sunglasses | 4. Paula Mendoza Gold-plated ear cuffs | 5. Coach Dinky Cross-body bag | 6. Chloé Spaghetti knot leather wedge slides

Chloé Runway . . .


A better look at that fab COS top . . .


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