The White Denim Workaround: 8 Fab Summer Dresses on a Budge

So, the weather has been crazy temperate (I know, right???) this Spring.  But, that one week of hot weather we had a couple of weeks ago kicked my mind into high gear wondering, “What am I going to wear this summer????”  Because I just don’t have the legs for shorts anymore (not sure they were every entirely the best call for me) and I just can’t bear the thought of heavy cotton denim (albeit white) during the day during the summer.  When it is 90 degrees by 10 am (starting any day now), you just can’t torture yourself with long denim.  There have to be alternatives to white denim or J.Crew chino shorts, right???

I need a white denim workaround.

And, I have a couple of ground rules: (1) it can’t be expensive — I need a line-up of options and I’m not into throwin’ major bank at this project; (2) under no circumstances should the item elicit the following response, “Where are you headed??” or “Where have you been today?” – it can’t read “special;” (3) under every circumstance, I need it to look super chic; and (4) I have to be able to wear a regular bra . . . I can’t really “throw on” anything requiring a special foundational garment because comfort.  Feel me??

Today’s alternative:  the inexpensive dress.  Because, honestly, nothing is more comfortable in the heat than a lightweight dress.  Word.

This ASOS column dress is probably my favorite because it works with every summer shoe I have, it’s sleeveless, it costs $52, and it requires no thought.  Can’t beat it.  Except maybe with this Somedays Lovin embroidered dress – perfect for everything, everywhere all summer long and at $97, it’s a pretty good deal, too.  If you loosen up a little bit and unbutton the top three buttons of this dress by Warehouse, I think you are in business something maje (and the $69 price tag hits in my budgetary sweet spot).  Likewise, nothing could be more chic than this cotton shirt dress at J.Crew, which is only $75 if you buy today (get the code here).  And, I can imagine wearing this cargo dress, also by J.Crew and also $75 today, a million times this summer.  Also in the “unbutton the top buttons” category (and add a fab flatform), is this gorgeous ASOS sleeveless wonder (also only $52).  This roll-sleeve shift by Vila could become my go-to.  And, I am coo-coo-ca-choo for this one by Everlane.

Just about every option on the board will look phe-nom with this lace-up sandal (on sale for $59) or something like these ($100) or these ($80) from Sam Edelman or these babies ($39) from Zara.

But, I have to ask:  What is your white denim workaround??



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