Cheap + Chic + Comfortable = The Holy Grail

strapless chambray.001

I am headed to Paris for a month in a couple of weeks, so I have started pulling together my essentials, making sure I have my bases covered in the clothing dept.  I have been hitting up Zara pretty hard in search of the Holy Grail: chic + comfortable + cheap.  Feel me?  And, I will have, like, 1.5 linear feet of closet space, so, I’mahafta get this right.

While it was over 100 degrees when we were there last year, Paris is normally a much more moderate clime with cool evenings and mornings.   I’ve determined that a silky bomber is the best option in the “go-to jacket” slot.  I scooped up this short, silver bomber from Zara and it’s a pretty sure bet to win the all-around championship.  I am also kind of crushing on options from ASOS, Ivy Park, and Scotch & Soda.

And, one thing is clear, the gals on the streets of Paris are not knocking around in their Lululemon.  Like, ever.  So, a little bit of thought about what else to wear is required.

Keeping the potential for a heat wave and the lack of closet space on my mind, I am going to have to turn to the lightweight summer frock to do the heavy lifting day-in and day-out.  I grabbed this strapless chambray number by Zara which, btd, is the fa-shizzle.  It’s totally on fleek and flirty and fun.  Dresses that hit just below my knee make me look taller and make my legs look leaner and longer.  Strapless is a good option for me given that I have an “ample bosom” as my mother has always called it.  [insert eye-roll emoji here.]  Something about the cut localizes the fullness in the right spot and allows the other portions of my upper torso to achieve their MLP (“maximum leanness potential” (every little bit helps, right??)).

I walk about 10,000 miles a day on average, so my Stans will be my numero uno shoe choice for day (along with some flat espadrilles).

With my children in tow, a standard size handbag is essential to hold all my mom gear.  Also, it’s good to be hands-free when you have little hands to hold while you hop on and off the metro.  Putting it all together, I have determined that a stylish (but not over-sized) backpack is the way to go.  I am loving this one by Dolce & Gabbana because I like the color and it’s on sale, but I am also crushing on these by Kara, PB 0110, Mansur Gavriel.

Also, I am totally feelin’ silver jewelry this summer.  After being so into gold for, like, forever.  I know, right??  I may not remove these small, minimalist danglers by Chan Luu from my ears all summer.  (I like to find something classic and minimal and ride the wave for months with exceptions made only for v. special occasions.).

Below, a pic of the chick who inspired my look and my mood board for my go-to day-time look in Paris.




1.  Earrings | 2. Choker | 3. Lip Gloss | 4. Sunglasses | 5. Dress | 6. Bomber | 7. Backpack | 8. Shoes

strapless chambray.001
1.  Earrings | 2. Choker | 3. Lip Gloss | 4. Sunglasses | 5. Dress | 6. Bomber | 7. Backpack | 8. Shoes


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    Love this dress, Caroline! I’m headed to Kiawah Island Resort for a few days later this month. I think I need this dress as a cute, casual beach dress. I’ve never been to Kiawah before – any suggestions?

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