I came across this photo of Jenny Walton (#obsessed) while trolling Style du Monde the other day and it stopped me dead in my tracks.  Jenny was hitting up the Mens Spring 2017 Fashion Shows in Milan.  Her look perfectly captures my mood right now.   Morning mist??  No.   Lazy hot summer.  Lazy in that I’m not feeling belts right now.  Or denim.  Or a wedge.  I’m majorly feeling something light and airy and comfortable.  But. But, I am still majorly in the mood for something super chic and stylish, edgy, even.  And, Jenny nailed it. Totes.  Jenny, and I think we are close enough that I can call her Jenny, says her dress is vintage and her hat is J.Crew.  (Find her hat here).

Pretty sure this ensemble would play as well in Paris as it does in Milan.  Feel me?  I have scoured (read: SCOURED!!) the internet for a comparable “vintage” offering.  And, while it’s a far cry from the sleek v-neck, narrow cut, and intensely gorgeous embroidery of Jenny’s, I am now the proud owner of this baby I found on Etsy.


(Find an awesome 70’s disco vintage shop with great mexican embroidery offerings here).

Do you think I have totally lost it????  Even odds???  Does it help knowing I intend to sport mine with my Stans, my silver bomber (for chilly evenings), and, maybe, just maybe even the panama?  Am I turning into Mary Eliza Southall Moore?  (A Miss Haversham-ish character from my hometown who used to wear mexican oaxacas and wooden clogs WAY past an acceptable age, completely oblivious to the ridicule of the high school crowd, and otherwise exceptionally crazy and delightfully fun to be around – in an after-the-fact-that-was-hysterical kind of way).

If you don’t have the stomach for Etsy’s Unearthed Vintage Treasures, there are some majorly awesome embroidery and Oaxacan-ish options at conventional retailers.  Check out this, this, this and this from Sensi Studio; this cutie from Madewell; this one from Parker that is super chic and slimming; this stylish bargain from LOFT; this hottie by Velvet; and if you are really looking to go the extra mile, this one by BLUE or this one by Dodo Bar Or (one of my new favorite brands), or this one by TRYB212.  Of course, CJ Laing of Palm Beach is the gold standard but good luck catching your favorite color!!


Photos: Style du Monde, @jennymwalton and @thesartorialist on insta 

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