Summer Essentials

I know technically summer just started last week but tell that to our weatherman who has been broadcasting 90+ degrees for the last month. So here are a few essentials to make it through.

Summer Essentials

Summer Essentials

  1. Almay Oil-Free Makeup Eraser Sticks. No matter how hard I try my eyeliner still runs so I carry these in my purse whenever that happens. Q-tips infused with makeup remover? Genius! A couple of ideas. First, put these makeup eraser sticks in a small snack bag so just in case one breaks off and spills. Second, to keep my eyeliner on I dab a plain q-tip in face powder and put right under my eyeliner and it helps the eye liner not smudge as much.
  2. Skinceuticals Body Tightening Concentrate. Lets face it. Even though I exercise everyday and eat relatively well (except that annoying ice cream habit), as I’ve gotten older, the skin on my legs just does not stay tight. Twice a day I’ve been rubbing Skinceuticals Body Tightening Concentrate on my legs. They do feel somewhat tighter to the point where I’ll wear a pair of shorts which is a good thing when it is hot as blazes outside.
  3. Sonia Kushak Blotting papers. Before anyone takes your picture hold up and quickly blot your face with some blotting papers. Blotting papers take away that shine. Again small enough to carry in your clutch at night that you can whip out right before the flash goes off so you won’t glisten.
  4. Rodan and Fields ReDefine Eye Cream. In the summer my skin just craves moisture. I’ve found that Rodan and Fields eye cream gives underneath my eyes just what they need. In the summertime the days are longer and I tend to stay out a little later than the school year and my eyes need all the TLC they can get. I’ve linked you up to Amazon but a simple search and you will be able to find a representative near you.
  5. Aveda Damage Remedy and Aveda Smooth Infusion. I’ve talked about Smooth Infusion here. It really does help with the frizz but in the summertime I add the Damage Remedy as well. A very small amount of each while your hair is wet, comb it through and blow dry. Damage Remedy can be used daily and it really helps with the heat and sun that we put our hair through.
  6. Emi-Jay Ponytail holder. See above. So even with the best products and a blow dry that has caused carpal tunnel in my wrists sometimes that is not enough. I know that so I carry with me a couple of pony tail holders around for those days when I just can’t take it anymore and the hair must go up. I’m partial to Emi-Jay ponytail holders because they come in lots of color and they don’t break my hair.

So there you go a few things that in the summer time I just can’t live without.



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