What not to smell like…Men Part Deux

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After I posted about What not to Wear Men’s version I was inundated for more posts about the men. Of course following that post everyday a man comes by my office and asks if they look ok. I think I’m going to put a sign up on my door that reads:  “If you have to ask…then No!”

But this post is about the man that uses after shave cologne. I’m a fan of aftershave if it is used in moderation. I have a vivid memory when I was little of seeing my dad shave and then “slapping” his face with Aramis cologne. It was his signature scent and I loved that I knew it was him simply by his aftershave. Studies have shown that women have a keen sense of smell and it is our strongest sense. Wearing a fragrance is a distinctive way of expressing yourself beyond the visual. It makes you memorable and forms an impression. But moderation men! Our office manager had to put out a memo that was gender neutral but was directed at a couple of men in particular who like to bathe in goodness knows what. If you see a memo about your body odor then it is time to moderate. (Do you see a trend about my office?!)

Here are a few don’ts:

  1. No Axe! Please let this go. If you have any in your medicine closet dump it. The 80’s are long gone.
  2. If someone walks by you and they are pinching their nose, pour whatever you slapped on your face down the drain.
  3. If you see people pointing at you and then turning to walk/run the other way it’s time to revaluate your smell.
  4. If your pet runs outside as soon as you walk into the room…then you need to shower off whatever you drowned yourself in.
  5. Justin Beiber and you are wearing the same fragrance then you need a reality check (same goes for One Direction, Elizabeth Taylor etc…)
  6. Your nickname is “Pepe Le Pew” then it might be time for you tone it down.


Remember fragrance should be discovered, not announced. A nice fragrance adds to your overall impression of being a sharp, put-together man. We know that dressing well ups your confidence (as long as you follow my rules). You just feel better when you look nice. Wearing a cologne enhances that feeling, as you’ll be confident that you not only look like a million bucks, but smell like it too. Just use some restraint!



PS Because y’all asked, the men will be a monthly topic, so me put on your big boy britches because I take no prisoners.






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