Proper Topper

MONTAUK_TOP_SUMMER_BREEZE_3So, you just bought a high waisted skirt or pair of jeans or culottes, and you arrive at your closet to pick a top.  Where are you heading?  It’s a stumper.  Proportion.  I know, right??  A cropped top (not a crop top) can be your best friend in this sitch. Avoiding the tuck and the associated fabric at and below the waistline can be slimming, not to mention that the short-on-top-long on-the-bottom proportions go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Some of my favorites right now are ones from The Reformation (above), Staud, J.Crew, Style Mafia ($59!!!), A.L.C., Mango ($49!!), and Club Monaco.


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