Out of my comfort zone

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This weekend my longtime friend, Laura, is coming to Birmingham to teach a few yoga classes. She is a great teacher but I’m not a yogi. I cardio and pure barre every day so yoga really hasn’t been my thing.  Also y’all probably know by now I’m  tightly wound so I’m really nervous about trying to contort my body into unfamiliar positions. But trying new things is growth, Right? So here goes.

I’ve got my yoga mat, my water bottle and all the requisite clothing. I’ve also gone and gotten my toes painted because well I don’t know why other than I knew there would be no socks or shoes and I at least wanted my feet to look ok.

Birmingham folks, you want to join me? As long as you promise not to laugh at my lack of coordination or flexibility here is where you can find out more information about my friend Laura’s yoga class at Instagram or Facebook. I’ll see you this weekend



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