What’s New: The White Shoe

18-style-du-monde-copenhagen-day-twoDid you just shake your head and roll your eyes???  I know.  This is a strong cup of coffee, for sure.  But, honestly, I would be doing you a disservice if I pretended like this white elephant was not lurking within the pages of all the fash mags and web pages you’ll be browsing for Fall.  

So, here’s the back story.  Everybody whose anybody showed a white shoe or boot (yep) on the runway for Fall.  Céline, Chloé, Vêtements, Balanciaga, The Row, Wes Gordon, Stella, Gucci, Acne . . . the list goes on. . . I mean ER’body.  And, also, the white shoe dominated last week’s Copenhagen Fashion Week street style.  Not that we look to Denmark as a harbinger of fashion, but just to demonstrate that this is going to eventually get to tidal wave status.  Just sayin’.

And, there are some good looking budget items out there that you can grab if you want to wade in on this.  Try these, these, or these at Zara or these by Jeffrey Campbell, if you are looking to lay down a Chloé, The Row, or Céline vibe, respectively.   If you are looking to rock a Gucci vibe, grab these cross-strap mules from Topshop.  #trending.  (Don’t be afraid of Topshop.).  If you have coveted Mansur Gavriel mules all year and you just can’t justify the price, try these.  If you are looking to be a rockstar, try these from Topshop and channel your inner Charlotte Olympia.  If you already are a rockstar and you are cool without even trying, grab these and wear them with your cropped denim all Fall.  And, seriously, be on the look out for anything that looks like these, because I am serious and this is a thing.

Below, a few pics of Copenhagen street style to help you pick up the vibe designers are laying down.








  1. shana albright says

    Hi Caroline. So I bought some Isabel Marant cream botties last fall and everytime I wear them, I feel like a member of the drill team. Help! What do I wear them with? They aren’t dressy like the Chloe booties above. Mine have a lower block heel. So how do I wear them as casual everyday mom wear?

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