Ralph Lauren Image courtesy of Vogue

Ralph Lauren Image courtesy of Vogue

Unless you have living under a rock then you know NY Fashion Week has been going on full swing. There have been some fabulous shows but  the closing night Wednesday night took the cake. Oh My Goodness Ralph Lauren show was incredible! Madison Avenue was shut down for the day to allow the show to be set up. Later that evening Madison Avenue became the runway and the store was the backdrop.

Following the show (which I think was a stroke of genius) the curtains parted from the front window of the store and a video of a rearing wild horse played, framing mannequins wearing some of the clothes that had just appeared on the runway. Then the store doors opened, and the guests were brought inside to what else shop the looks.

Check the show out here.

Oh I’m sorry I forgot to mention the clothes. They were beautiful as always. The fringed western looks were great although I personally loved the statement necklaces the models were the real deal.



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