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Rachel Zoe Fall 2016

Rachel Zoe Fall 2016

Who doesn’t love Rachel Zoe. I really miss the Rachel Zoe Project, especially after the Emmys just aired. Y’all remember, we would see what she saw at Fashion Week and then what she was going to take from the shows and put her clients in for the Oscars. When I watch the various award shows I always try and see if I can figure out who was dressed by Rachel Zoe. In my opinion more of the Emmy nominees could have used her help.

What I’m really excited about is at this year’s Linly Heflin Fashion Show on October 5th, Rachel Zoe is the featured designer. Her theme for the look is 30’s meet 90’s hybrid.

Here is what Rachel Zoe said about the collection:

“I found similarities between imagery of Marlene Dietrich, the actresses of the ‘30s and the iconic black and white photographs of supermodels in the ‘90s. There is a certain confidence and sexiness in how women carried themselves in both eras that I think every woman wants to embody.” – Rachel Zoe

Do you want to get a little sneak peak of some the Fall Collection. Go here . My favorite looks are the long fringed skirt with the white blazer and the pink slip dress with the fur vest. Yowza!

You can see from the pictures above that the looks are sleek and if the weather ever gets cooler then I can see us wearing these pieces ourselves. So go buy your tickets here to this year’s Linly Heflin Fashion Show and see what looks Rachel has for Fall/Winter 2016.



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