Up Your Sleeve


Girl, if you are going to get in the fashion game this Fall, you are going to have to up your sleeve sitch.  The sleeve is everything this Fall.  Word.  From long cuffs, to frilly cuffs, to Edwardian bells, to ruffles, to bows, to puffs, to Edwardian leg of mutton puffs, literally any volume any where on the sleeve will do.  How much volume you will rock is a matter of personal preference.  The best options right now are from Johanna Ortiz (the standard bearer for sure), Pixie Market, Style Mafia, Zara, Topshop, J. Crew, MLM Label, & Other Stories, Georgia Alice, Front Row Shop, Tome, and Petersyn.

Oh, and, remember when I was all “Creamy Culottes” and you were all “I don’t think so”???  Hmmm. . . .   Well, in Milan last week, want to know the very first look down the Gucci runway??  Take a look.  Oh, and Tod’s.  #itsathing #justsayin




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