Six Fall Investment Pieces

Fall Investment Pieces

Fall Investment Pieces

After my post on my Vince leather pants and another conversation I had with friends recently about knee high boots I thought I would share my six Fall Investment Pieces. These are pieces that you are going to take a big gulp and pull the trigger but I promise that you will pull out these items every year without fail. But good news friends, Shopbop has its Main Event Sale and the more you spend the more you save. So if you can now is the time to invest. Use Code MainEvent16 at checkout.

  1. Leather pants. I love my Vince Leather pants. I know we shouldn’t love objects that much but seriously the best purchase I have ever made. I wear them to every Christmas party there is and on the weekends with a white t-shirt and sweater thrown over. Here are a few more options. I like these from JBrand. I personally like a clean look, no extraordinary zippers or lace up. Also go for Black or Charcoal. These from Rag and Bone are a classic look; no belt loops, no fuss.
  2. Camel Coat. A classic piece that will never ever go out of style. A camel coat can be pulled out of the closet for day and knighted will be worn for years to come. I personally like a coat with a wrap belt. Also being in the South I may choose a lighter weight than some of northern brethren. I’ve picked a few for you but try on and decide which is best for you. The point is to get in your closet. I love this Harris Wharf London Boxy Duster Coat. With a tie belt and a lightweight wool, this hits all the marks for me. This Ganni wool coat in the textured weave is a classic look with a modern feel. I had not heard of dRA line until I tried their Camille Coat. Again a lightweight wool with a single button. With its slightly oversized look you can easily pair a sweater underneath when the weather turns cold.
  3. Knee high boots. I love my Stuart Weitzman boots. I bought mine a hundred years ago and each year after the season ends I take them to the shoe hospital and ask that they clean them up and replace the tips on the heels and then pack them away until the Fall. This year I plan on pairing them with one of my dresses from Banana Republic as well as all the other clothing items I wear them with. I like a boot that is close to my calf that so I can wear them with pants and skirts. I think the look is more flattering as well. These from LK Bennett are beautiful as well. Again personal preference but I like a suede boot rather than a leather. Suede is easy to clean. If your boots get dirt on them, simply let the boots dry and then brush off with a stiff bristle brush. If you have the knee high boots then I highly recommend the Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots. Again, its an investment piece but one you will wear often with skinny jeans, skirt or maxi dress. Whether you do a flat heel (Lowland)  or high heel  (Highland) is completely up to you. Also go with a darker color. It is much more flattering than a lighter shade.
  4. A Wool blazer. I was trying to decide what color I would recommend for you to choose. Of course you can’t go wrong with a classic black such as this blazer from Rag and Bone; it is a great layering piece when the weather is just starting to turn cooler but you want something easy to take on and off depending on the weather and the a/c. But I love this Rag and Bone blazer in camel. I think the key is to pick a classic color, not something in a red or green. Rag and Bone probably has the best cut for blazers. I like a single breasted and one button blazer in wool and not crepe. I believe it fits better and easier to wear.
  5. Felt hat. I’ve shared my love for Janessa Leone hats before and it hasn’t waned. I love a good hat. I think when the weather is just starting to turn a hat is a great piece to wear so you look fallish. Janessa Leone still does not disappoint. The two other hat designers I love are Rag and Bone and Eugenia Kim. Both hats fit my head nicely and are not too overpowering. I’m going to choose a wider brim instead of a fedora but that is up to you. I would suggest a darker color such as black, navy or charcoal. Even a dark green would work.
  6. Cashmere Sweater. My favorite cashmere sweater finally died at the end of the season after many many years of wear which is why I put this category on my list. It was a lightweight gray sweater that I wore all the time with either a button down or t-shirt underneath. So now I’m on the look out for another one to replace it. I found this one from Theory which made the cut. This one from Equipment is nice as well. A little heavier weight; it is a beautiful color.


Honorable Mentions

Fur Vest. I love layering pieces. A fur vest just with a white blouse and jeans or over a dress and some booties can take your outfit up a notch. My favorite brand is June. It is a good price point and the feeling is Amazing! I would start with black because I think it is more versatile but camel is a beautiful luxurious color as well.

Cashmere Travel Wrap. White and Warren Cashmere Travel Wrap has been around for longer than I can imagine but it is a classic that will never go away. Wrap it around your neck or wrap it around your shoulders. Either way it is one of the most versatile pieces and should be placed on the list.



PS MainEvent16 is the key to these ShopBop pieces



  1. Stacey says

    Martha – love all of your choices! Question on the Theory cashmere sweater…there aren’t many reviews on the longevity of it, curious as to how yours is holding up? In the past, I’ve had issues with pilling – even with high-end brands of cashmere.

    • Martha Thompson says


      Great question. I haven’t seen that in my Theory sweater. Two tricks that I have learned is to let the sweater “rest”. Even though there are some days when I want to wear it every day I let it rest so the fibers can relax which helps with the pilling. I also have the Laundress sweater comb which helps as well. Find the link here:

  2. Missy says

    Martha, I just scored the Vince leather pants at my local Nordstrom Rack for $399!!! If your readers love the thrill of the hunt it might be worth checking out. Love your picks!

    • Martha Thompson says

      Missy, That’s awesome. Thanks for the tip. You will love them. Wore mine last night to a charity dinner. Threw on a top and some heels and I was good to go. Thanks for the comment!

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