Fall Reading List

With the promise of a cool weekend (does it seem like that I’ve been saying that forever) I thought I would make some suggestions for Fall reading.

The Widow by Fiona Barton

Her husband has been a suspect in a major crime and Jean has been covering up for him…that is till last week when he dies. Now Jean has a story to tell. The question is what story will she tell. A page turner for sure.

Good as Gone by Amy Gentry

I’m loving the suspense novels and this one does’t disappoint. Julie, age 13, was kidnapped eight years ago and her mother Anna has understandably been racked with guilt. Then Julie shows up but is it really Julie. As Anna tries to reconnect holes develop in Julie’s story. If it isn’t Julie then what does she want?

The Kept Woman by Karin Slaughter

I’ve just started this book so not sure why it is titled this but I’m curious to find out. The story starts with Will who works at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.  He is involved in a case involving a dead ex-cop. The trouble comes about when his past is linked to the dead body and  another victim, a female who has vanished but is clearly injured and will die soon if not found quickly.

The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena

Ok Let me tell you. This book is not for you if you have small children. Two parents get an invitation to attend a small dinner party with their next-door neighbors,  But the sitter cancels at the last minute and the couple next door specifically requested a kid-free evening. Well you know what happens, they go to their neighbors with the intention of checking on their 6 month old every thirty minutes.

When they return late that evening, the baby is gone.There is no forced entry. What happened to baby Cora? OMG you won’t believe what the ending brings.
Liked: Whose Approval Are You Looking For by Kari Kampakis


Ok so not a suspense novel but an important piece of work especially for those who have daughters. With social media we are able to create an identity that we believe is pleasing and will make us popular; however, the loss is we are unable to create a meaningful relationship with the people that mean the most. You can preorder here. The book  releases on November 15th.

If you read Kari’s book 10 Ultimate Truths Girls Should Know then you already know her newest book will be a home run. If you haven’t then let me suggest that you pick both up.

Happy Reading






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