Wardrobe Basics: A Classic Blazer


I have been on the hunt for a great looking blazer to wear with denim for literally years.  I have tried all the usual suspects and here is what usually happens:  it’s okay from the front (if I can cringe and bear the fact that the width of my thighs seems to be exaggerated because the blazer cuts across the widest part of my thigh), but when I try to button it (not even sure why this is important since I am not sure I have ever once walked around with my blazer buttoned whilst wearing denim), everything goes south.  Then, when I take a sideways look in the mirror, things go from bad to worse.  The silhouette is just all wrong — I feel chubby and buxom and, then, when I do the “big man in a little jacket test” by crossing my arms in front of me at chest height, I feel totally constrained and constricted.  So, at this point, I usually cast off the offending garment in disgust and tell myself I didn’t need a blazer in the first place.

Feel me?

Until now.  Seriously, I have found the very best blazer, like, ever.  I finally decided to get off my wallet and swim up stream a bit in search of better blazer.  I needed to know — would throwing more money at it solve my problems or was the issue really just my self-image????  I am happy to report that the problem was not me and also that dreams really do come true with patience and dedication.  With just a modest budget allocation and reappropriation of funds, all of my problems have been solved.

The winner?  Veronica Beard’s The Classic.  Let’s not even talk about the dickeys yet.  Let’s talk about what makes this blazer great.  This blazer has been designed to flatter the female figure.  It subtly nips at the waist and flares at the hip so to achieve a slenderizing effect for the tops of the thighs and the waist.  The front view is fab! And, somehow, it does this while hanging so perfectly from the shoulders that the side view is super slimming.  Not kidding.  So, it is stylish and sexy and flattering and I love, love, love it.

And, then, I love it double time because of the dickeys.  I LOVE the dickeys.  (Can I mention “love” one more time???)  They zip in and the zipper is so elegantly camouflaged in the inside front placket that you would never know it’s there.  And the dickeys really are cool AF.  Word.

Below, a mood board to pick up what I am putting down.  I grabbed The Classic in Navy, but black is an equally strong call.  There are a million dickey options, but my favorites are the hoodie, the puffer, the jasmine, the striped, and the upstate.



Jacket | Camisole | Lipstick | Earrings | Clutch | Denim | Sandals


Jacket | Camisole | Lipstick | Earrings | Clutch | Denim | Sandals




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