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Family Game Night

Family Game Night

During the holidays when you and your loved ones have just about had enough of each other that is the signal to pull out the games. I love games.  This year I’ve got a few more for you to try with family and/or friends. I promise I only pick ones that you will make you laugh.

  • Watch Ya Mouth. We played this game the other night with friends and I swear if I didn’t think she would disown me I would post the video of my friend giving us a demonstration of how the game works. But I’m not that mean. The gist of the game is that you put a cheek retractor inside your mouth and your teammates try and guess what you are saying. Have fun and bring a towel.
  •  5 Second Rule. The name caught my attention first because I thought it had to do something with how long food was good for when you dropped it on the floor. Not exactly. You are given a topic and you have to name three kinds of objects that fit into that topic in 5 seconds. For example, name three breeds of dogs…can you do it in 5 seconds with everyone watching. Lets see.
  • Smart Ass. This is the game for friends or family that hate waiting their turn. You are given a list of hints with the goal of naming that person. However, it doesn’t matter if it isn’t your turn, just yell it out because the goal is who can be the Smart Ass the Fastest.
  •  Reverse Charades. Instead of one person acting out a clue for a team to guess, a team acts out clues for one person to guess. If you love charades this game is for you especially if you have a large group of family or your children have friends over.
  •  Face Off. I’m going to be honest this game is a little hard to explain but trust me. You can’t communicate with words but with sounds and signals, such as farm animals and facial expressions. I know it sounds weird but just check it out and see if you can stop laughing.
  •  Say Anything. This is how the manufacturer describes it. Say Anything Family is a game that will get the entire family talking and laughing in minutes. This family-oriented version of the popular adult party game gives players the chance to settle questions that have been hotly debated for centuries. For instance, “Which celebrity would make the worst babysitter?” or “What magical power would be the coolest to have?”  Curious? I am.
Game Night Gift Guide

Game Night Gift Guide

So hope this post starts to get you in the Family spirit. Each game is linked to Amazon and if you have Prime Membership then these games will arrive just in time for you to hit the road with some ammunition to hang with the family and have a few laughs. With Thanksgiving in less than a week we have lots to be grateful for. One of my favorite Thanksgiving activities is to make Turkey Cookies. Here is the link for these easy peazy Turkey Cookies.






  1. paige says

    Such fun ideas!!! Thank you, Martha!! These sound like such fun and silly games that even my teenage boys and their friends will like!! —while they shove turkey cookies in their mouth 😉
    Happy Thanksgiving!

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