Gift Guide for Her

Gift Guide for Her

So this Gift Guide is a mixture of items for the woman who loves to take care of herself, take care of her family and then a couple of items that just make her feel pretty. Like always these items are linked in each paragraph as well as Shop the Latest.

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Maker. I love this idea. Morning time is a rush, trying to get out the door but I’m a big believer of a hot breakfast for my daughter. But lets face it we get into a rut with what to make and to be honest I eat the same breakfast every morning and it’s time for me to shake up my own breakfast. The Sandwich Maker will have you out the door in five minutes with a breakfast sandwich that you can eat in the car if necessary. How does it work? Simply put a piece of bread on the bottom and then layer with whatever your heart desires. Put a piece of bread on top, shut the door and walk away. Five minutes later and voila; its done!

Anchored Press Weekly Planner. This would be a beautiful gift for a friend, sister or mother. I’ve highlighted the weekly planner but there is also a Daily Planner as well. I personally like to see what’s going on for the week and not just one day. That’s my OCD coming out. What makes this gift so beautiful.  Before each weekly agenda spread is a two-page weekly devotional spread. Each devotion is written by a different  contributor and focuses on a specific theme. You also have a place each day to focus on that week’s devotion. This gift will keep the recipient scheduled and focused on what is important.

Cutco Knife. I know this isn’t the sexiest gift but it is a gift that you will treasure forever. My parents started me on a Cutco Knife set a few years ago and each year I try and add one knife. But you have to start somewhere and I would suggest the Petite Chef Knife.  A shorter version of the 9-1/4” French Chef. The essential knife for cutting fruits and vegetables and is deal for chopping, slicing, dicing and mincing. Pick up and transfer ingredients with wide blade. A classic for all great home cooks.

Empower Skip Fit. If you are in your forties then you totally remember doing this game as a little girl. You would put the ring around your ankle and then you skip over the lasso type rope. You would exercise without even knowing it. Well now we have one for the older set. It has been updated for us but I promise that you will sweat and burn as many calories as if you had run for miles. Even better it is very portable so no excuses for not exercising when you travel.

Triggerpoint massage accessories. This gift brings the foam roller to a whole new level. This collection includes  a QuadBaller, FootBaller, Baller Block, two TP Massage Balls, a TP2 Ball Sleeve. You have a body part that is sore, you won’t after receiving this gift.

Cashmere wrap. I love this one from Neiman Marcus. It is lightweight so it doesn’t weigh you down but still luxurious and keeps you so warm. A great layering piece. It comes in three different colors.

Marie Turnor Accessories Bon Bon Evening Bag. This Shearling Bucket Bag in a beautiful berry color is the perfect bag for an evening out when you just want to throw on a pair of jeans but you need to step it up. This purse will do it for you. Colorful shearling composes this slouch Marie Turnor Accessories bucket bag. Drawstring top line. Lined, 1-pocket interior. Cross-body shoulder strap.




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