Golden Globes 2017: Yellow Fever

Awards season, yo!  So excited to kick off the season!!  The trend last night was yellow for sure, with many in the top ten turning up the heat in various shades of the sunny hue.  Turns out it really stands out on the red carpet and is pretty flattering to a multitude of complexions.  I can’t let it pass without noting that yellow, although uncommon on the red carpet, is the color of some of the most iconic red carpet looks over the years.  See here, here, and here.

So, who killed it this year?  My Top 10 . . .

Best Dressed:  Natalie Portman, steeped in the essence of Jackie Kennedy, stole the show with quiet restraint.  In a yellow silk faille Prada with a 3/4 sleeve and clean lines that echoed Jackie’s favorite, Oleg Cassini, stunning Tiffany diamonds, and a just-perfectly-less-than-but-almost-a bouffant half-back up-do (that looked even more gorgeous (if possible) from the back), Natalie hit perfect pitch. I wouldn’t change a thing.  Literally breathtaking.

Viola Davis followed suit in an equally stunning yellow sequin column by Michael Kors.  I love the restraint and elegance in allowing the one-shoulder, bold yellow to be the statement.  She looks amazing and reminds my why I love yellow.

Caitriona Balfe.  Who is she?  I do not know.  What I do know is that she shut. it. down. in this gorgeous Delpozzo frock.  Amazeballs.  Again, letting the dress speak for itself. . .

Kristen Wiig in Reem Acra.  Do you think this is a weird choice?  I just think she killed it in a very tawny, Mia Farrow kind of way.  It’s a fab dress for her and her body and her hairstyle these days (which I owe to a film role???).  Reece Witherspoon in Atelier Versace.  She doubled down on yellow.  A strong call since arguably her best red carpet look ever came at the Globes in 2007 (just after divorcing Ryan Phillippe and discovering he was cheating on her with her doppelgänger).  Now . . . I will admit . . . that I have gotten so tired of this exact same strapless, fishtail Jessica Lake look from Reece every. single. time. she hits the red carpet.  But, this . . . is different, right???  I mean, she looks supercalifragilistic.  

Amy Schumer.  No clue who she is wearing but she looks incredible.  The best she has ever looked.  I love her hair.  I love her dress.  I love her tan.  I love it all.  Brava!  Brava!!

Emma Stone in Valentino.  She really looked perfect.  Except for this weird little side loop over her left ear that Ryan Seacrest totally (and inadvertently) ruined with his mic.  (Ry-an!!!  Ugh!).  Anyway, she was better off without it.  Because the loop was just a distraction from her otherwise complete perfection.  Did I already say that?? That she looked perfect?Laura Dern in Burberry.  Wow.  The girl’s still got it. . . And she looked even more amazing on stage than in this photo.

Continuing with the slammin’ yellow theme for the evening, Kerry Washington set the woods on fire with this Dolce & Gabbana frock in yellow metallic (often known as gold) lace over a black, boy-short body suit.  Her hair and makeup are perfection.  The dress is perfection.  The crystals encrusting the lace at the epaulets is exquisite.  The shoe is spot on.  Love it, love, it, love it!

Zoe Saldana in Gucci.  I am a little cray when it comes to the Gucci looks coming down Alessandro Michele’s runway these days and Zoe hits this one out of the park.  The color combo is fresh and bright and hip and chic.  And, also, it works so well with her gorgeous cocoa skin.  Again, her paired back styling let the bold dress make the statement.  Nailed it.xo,



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