Ms. Nina

I know I have been Missing In Action. Unfortunately the practice of law can be a jealous mistress and has been demanding lots of my attention. But I promise I’m getting back at it. But before I let you know about some of the hottest fashion trends I need to let you know about an amazing woman and her documentary on another amazing woman. Stand Up, Speak Out was shown at Sidewalk Film Festival to great reviews.

See my friend Jenna Bedsole has made a film about Nina Miglionico. One of the first female attorneys in Alabama, she was also  the longest-practicing female lawyer. I’ll tell you a little bit more about Ms. Nina but let me first tell you a little about my friend Jenna. We met twenty-three years ago after the first day of law school and became fast friends. I’ve had a girl crush on her for the longest time. She is smart, kind and beautiful. She is a true friend that always has your back. Not to mention she is an incredible lawyer and a great advocate for her clients.

So it only makes sense that Jenna would create a film about Ms. Nina, a little fireball. When Ms. Nina began practicing law she wan’t even allowed to serve on a jury she was presenting her case to.  When she received her law degree, the school had to handwrite female pronouns because the degree was already printed with male pronouns. Stand Up, Speak Out comes on this Sunday at 5PM CST on Alabama Public Television. Ms. Nina was a progressive thinker who received hate mail, phone threats and even a bomb was placed on her front porch for supporting racial equality. She was elected to serve on the Birmingham City Council

If you can’t sit down on Sunday set your DVR for this Sunday at 5 PM CST. It is a wonderful opportunity to sit down with your family and watch history. Ms. Nina is one of those unsung heroes whose story should be shared.




    • Martha Thompson says

      Jennifer I should have also said that it comes on again this Thursday at 8 pm CST. It really is a beautiful documentary

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