This post is dedicated to my friend Kerri

Spray Tan Gone Wrong

Just got back from Spring Break. We had a great time. I truly decompressed while we were gone. I mean no cell phone for almost a week, but more about that later. So who is Kerri you ask? She is my wonderful friend who taught us lots of lessons about what not to do when getting a spray tan. Here is my/her top ten list of what not to do when getting a spray tan:

  1. Listen to the instructions. The instructions are there for a reason. If you don’t listen, disastrous results will happen.
  2. Put your palms face down. Have you ever seen someone with tan palms…no which is why your palms need to go face down.
  3. When your front has been sprayed and it is time to turn don’t put your hands behind your back or your hands will get a double dose i.e. hands will look like leather when the rest of your body is a subtle tan.
  4. Put on petroleum jelly around your cuticles so the tan won’t stick around your nails because you don’t want to look like you’ve been working in the yard.
  5. Wear a shower cap. Especially if you have beautiful blonde hair. Truly you don’t want that blonde to turn a shade of orange.
  6. Exfoliate before you go. If your skin is dry and scaly the spray just doesn’t take as well.
  7. Moisturize well before your appointment. The more hydrated your skin is the longer the tan will last. Now this is not a good thing when say you leave your palms face up and just want the spray tan gone.
  8. Wear your undergarments to protect your sensitive areas…do I need to say more
  9. Know that your tan will continue to develop even after your first shower…which is why these rules are so important. You come out orange you will just get more orange…not a good look.
  10. What to do if spray tan goes wrong. Well she tried them but Kerri had the mother of all spray tans and it was not coming off for any reason. Not baking soda, not lemon, all the tried and true methods  did not work, only time. Luckily Kerri has the best sense of humor and was able to laugh it off.

Lessons for the wise. While a spray tan is a good idea in theory to avoid the harmful rays, just make sure there are no oranges around so there won’t be any comparisons with you and your fruit.

Love ya Kerri! Thanks for being such a good sport and bringing lots of laughs!



Spring Break 2017


  1. Richelle Simmons says

    Excellent advice! Also when tans go wrong, one can always wrap up in her ZAGS! …the sunwrap, not the basketball team…

    • Martha Thompson says

      Ha Ha Richelle. So true. ZAGS always provides a beautiful pop of color (the right kind too)

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