Pack it on the rear

Last year my daughter was heading to Universal and really wanted a fanny pack. My reply was “say what”? But she insisted so I sent her to Amazon with her birthday money where she found a gold snake skin fanny pack. I thought she was crazy but she wore that pack everywhere and even when she got back she still carries or should I say her cute butt does that fanny pack. PS in full disclosure she also added a fur key chain.

Well what do I know? Both Alexander Wang and Chanel featured the fanny pack in their spring shows so now the fanny pack is the “It” bag.

But have fun with it. The ones below are really nice but for this fad, I would go funky like this one in gold or this one in silver, or how about a hot pink fanny pack in a hologram style. A great summer item and the fanny pack does allow you to go “Look Ma; no hands”.

Now you’ve picked one, how do you wear it. I like to wear it a little slouchy not cinched right against the waist. Or what about slinging it over one shoulder? Just make sure you wear it with the pouch around front not literally on the fanny. The other lesson is sometimes the little darlin knows more about fashion than her mother.



Fanny Pack Looks


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