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This Spring has been insane! Running from one event to the other has required several dresses. Admittedly once I find a dress I like I tend to buy several. Why try and reinvent the wheel when you know something works. for your body type For me this Spring, it has been Ramy Brook. At first I was a little turned off because it seemed that whenever I saw someone wearing this line, it was really short. And because at 46 a short dress is not something that I feel confident in I didn’t give this line a second look.

But when you desperately need something to wear, nothing is off the table. So when I was encouraged to take a second look at Ramy Brook, I said, “what the heck?!” Boy I’m glad I did. I found several Ramy Brook dresses that met every need and each function I needed. The best part is that I can dress them up or down. For example, for some friends 20th Anniversary Party I wore this one shoulder Ramy Brook with high heels and statement earrings but for a more casual event a week later I wore the same dress with my Pedro Garcia wedges and a statement necklace. I plan on taking the same dress to the beach later this summer and pair it with flip flops. The same dress, three different looks. Plus for me the dress is very forgiving, with a cinched waist and a longer hemline, this is my Spring dress Look.

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