Memorial Day Must Haves

Yes to a long weekend!! May is the new December and by the time Memorial Day gets here I’m just glad to have survived the month. Packing up the Beach Bag is now my focus. I have a few must haves but because I know my limits I reached out to some of my peeps to get their thoughts as well.

This first idea is pure genius; the Ear Bud Taco.  I know, you are thinking “say what?” Hold on. So many times my ear buds have become tangled and these are the perfect solution. You simply fold up your ear buds cord and place them in the “taco”. Voila; no more tangles. Find them here. A little hint. Choose a bright color to make it easier to find. Another must have is  a mini iPhone fan. How cool is this; simply plug in where your charger goes and a little cool breeze will be yours.

One of my dear friends introduced me to the Zags wrap last year. Let me tell you, thank goodness she did. This is a must for everyone. To be honest the hardest part was deciding which picture to post. The wraps provide UV protection. These wraps are a great addition to the beach bag. Wear as a wrap around your waist, your shoulders (when they start to get a little burned) or even as a cover up. Depending on what size you buy you have have lots of options on how to wear the Zags.

During Spring Break, I neglected my lips when  we were out in the sun and I told my friends that I was not going to let that happen again. Too painful! One of my friends recommended this product from Sephora, Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm.  So I immediately went to go ry it. Let me tell you, 25 SPF, a wonderful scent(s), and this was a Win! I also love the packaging; sometimes the lipstick variety or the tub tends to melt but this packaging allowed for easy application.

A water proof speaker. This was not my idea but I love it. We are so used to playing music off our iPhone with minimal noise but why don’t we crank it up with our favorite 80’s and 90’s music. Try this speaker!

I have to admit this next one was low on my totem pole but after several of my friends suggested a Tablet to read on the beach, I said “ok”.  I picked one that was suggested to me and that is a less than $50.00 just in case you can’t commit. So what to add to your Tablet, here are a couple of beach reads: Paula Watkins Into the Water. The author of the Girl on the Train brings it again. This time we find ourselves by a lake where women mysteriously keep going into the water and don’t come back. Just started this page turner and can’t wait to pick it up again this weekend. The Light We Lost by Jill Santopolo, this story intrigued me for a number of reasons, one was because it involved 9/11 and the other reason was because it asks the difficult question of how do we reconcile our passions and what is best for us and our family.

Just a couple more because this is what you get when you are surrounded by people smarter than you; Wet Ones Hand and Face Wipes, I love these individual wrapped ones because when you get sandy etc… you don’t want to trek up to the showers you want to just hand.

A card game, so lets be honest. If you are on the beach with your friends you may not have time for a card game but you will look good with it in you bag. Try Uno. I personally like this hard case because it is sand proof.

I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day and able to celebrate those who in the military that have made the ultimate sacrifice and also enjoy being with friends and family!




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